6. Happy Halloween !

A cold emotionless killer ,who pointlessly murders teenagers while his face is hidden behind a mask , sounds familiar ?????? Well here is the culprit who started that genre of movies by setting the ground rules for slasher movies to be made in the following decade.Halloween made its mark as the original slasher movie back in 1978 when it scared audiences silly becoming the successful independent film of that time.

PLOT : "A Psychotic person who is institutionalized escapes and returns to his hometown starting off his killing spree by picking off random teenagers"

What's most striking about "Halloween" is that the violence and gore is actually very minimal. The surreal, minimalist violence and gore is far more frightening ,John Carpenter instead relies on his direction, actors , camera-work, and overall atmosphere and suspense to get his chills here.

I love the film's creepy atmosphere like the whole it could happen here sort of situation makes it scary to think about.Also to imagine if you were ever in this situation what would you do.This is a movie that i enjoy watching highly ,watching the movie at night i got so creeped out that i switched it off and brought about myself to watch it only after sometime.

Another major reason for the success of Halloween is the moody musical score, particularly the main theme that is simple and haunting.

It only took 20 days to make this movie and it had a very low budget ,all the actors had to wear their own clothes because it was such a low budget.

The great attribute about Halloween is the strong female characters. In movie after movie we have pathetic female characters with a fairly smart killer. This is the exact opposite here. The female characters in Halloween are well developed and acted out especially by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The actors act like real people, not characters from a story especially the killer with the mask ,it can be scary to have a person say nothing and simply kill, but it's hard to pull off but the guy pulls it off, and the result is terrifying.I have never seen a scarier performance from anyone else ,in horror history.

Half way through the movie i was taking small glances round the room to see if there was any strange men in masks looking in the windows , and then when it was over i was blown away ,as well as being weird and scary.

Horror movies are probably the most difficult films to make because in order for something to be scary ,everything has to be perfect , and ideas never work twice. It's a hit or miss game ,bot looking at Halloween now the ideas seem primitive since they have been repeated with lesser effect over and over again through the years.

This is John Carpenter's movie through and through. He directed it, co-wrote it, co-produced it, and wrote the chilling score of it making it the crowning achievement of the horror genre.

The film is a testament to how much a limited budget can work and how much can be accomplished through creative camera work, lighting and imagination with the most memorable film music.

Halloween is an important part of horror cinema history.Witness the movie that started the craziness for masked killers, butcher knifes, frightening chasing scenes and much more.All horror fans must see Halloween, one is truly not a horror fan until they have experienced Halloween.

  • Rating : "A"

P.S : Halloween was produced on a budget of $325,000 and grossed $47 million at the box-office in the United States, equivalent to over $150 million as of 2008, becoming one of the most profitable independent films ever made.


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