21. Black Magic !!!!

People are easily fooled by psychic claims or by supernatural powers.Little do the people realize that the entire procedure is absurd and foolish but people just want to believe that magic is real.Many machines that we have today would have been explained as magic had they existed thousands of years ago.Just imagine what they would have said about the telephone ,radio or a plane.

Let’s also remember that there are certain things that remain beyond the realm of science.Existence of phenomenons such as telepathy and hypnotism has been well established , however science is still unable understand how exactly this happens.While we can’t prove that black magic never really existed ,neither can we ever prove that it did!

Using this to advantage ,there are lots of fantasy flicks which are immensely popular with us.May be we do want to believe in something that is surreal !!!!

PLOT : "Open minded New York constable Johnny Depp is sent to investigate mysterious murders in a small village known as Sleepy Hollow.He is determined to solve the crimes but this time he faces a supernatural force he had never come across.What he stumbles on is not just any murder ,but an ongoing killing spree."

What more could you want out of a horror movie ?.This has it all ,a dark and convincing storyline , interesting characters ,appropriate settings and cinematography ,well done graphics and stunts and a talented cast of veteran actors.

Without a doubt ,Tim Burton is an artist.He has proved that when he brought us Batman(1989) and Edward Scissorhands.This time he outdoes himself with Sleepy Hollow.

This movie turned out to be an incredible murder mystery that tested the mind as to figure out what the real plot was.Furthermore ,I enjoyed how Tim Burton maneuvered the cast into not revealing too much of the true plot until just the right time.

The cinematography is beautiful ,dark ,spooky and appropriate with stunning set pieces.Danny Elfman's score only adds an extra layer of darkness.The costume department did a phenomenal job all the way through.

Now, I like Johnny Depp and I think the guy is great at playing unusual characters ,I was truly blown away by his performance.He plays the character of detective Ichabod Crane who believes that ghosts are just myths and confronts a town haunted by a headless warrior who chops off the heads of his victims .

On the other hand Christina ricci proves to be the perfect cast as Katrina.A variety of good actors and actress flesh out neatly sketched supporting characters.

The mystery is pretty well put together ,although a bit confusing at times , and while it does all make perfect sense in the end ,I had absolutely no idea who the person responsible for the horseman's killings was going to be.I did make a guess and it turned out to be wrong.

The screenwriters have also written a very well paced script.The acting and atmosphere is what sets this film apart from other horror flicks.

Tim Burton puts together a perfect blend of story and atmosphere that makes the movie very realistic to watch and the special effects are very well done.Sleepy Hollow is an interesting movie that caught my interest and attention from start to finish.

It is a great psychological thriller.I wouldn't call it a horror film ,but it comes pretty close with some very memorable scenes which stun you beyond belief.

This movie is suspenseful because the music, cinematography and acting all contribute to keep it frightening, yet compelling.

Sleepy Hollow is a great example of an entertaining film which takes us all back into past times where it was absolutely impossible to provide a rational explanation regarding certain obscure ,occult events like Black Magic.This film is set in a time when murders were a common event and it was practically impossible to get hold of the criminal.

I recommend this movie because it has thrills, chills, action and dramatic scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Rating : "A" for extreme violence.
P.S : "Liam Neeson ,Brad Pitt and Daniel Day-Lewis were all considered for the role played bu Johnny Depp."

20. Scapegoats.

A scapegoat is a person or a group that is made to bear blame for others.

Here is a list of some famous scapegoats

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald - see the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November ,1963.
  2. Osama bin Laden - see the collapse of the Twin Towers in September ,2001.
  3. Hitler - he is blamed for the 2nd world war and for great casualties ,though it was a matter of conflict between greedy colonial powers ,they were all guilty for it.
Scapegoating is the foundation upon which corrupt Bureaucrats ,Politicians and Religious leaders rule our world.That is why ,whenever there is disorder or unrest ,they sacrifice someone to create an illusion that peace and harmony has been restored.

We should also note that these sacrifices are more so made with vested interests for the welfare of these so called pathetic leaders.

PLOT : "CIA operatives are in pursuit of a dreaded terrorist ,the plot of the movie follows the actions of two CIA operatives who want to nab the terrorist ,the operatives uses all the means at there disposal including scapegoating an innocent man."

Based on the novel by David Ignatius.Body of Lies is a fast-paced action thriller laced with a healthy dose of some of the more dangerous of modern political and military realities.

It has a dense and realistic narrative ,although one that moves along at such a fast pace that you're almost afraid to take your eyes and ears off of it even for a second for fear of missing something.

I respect Ridley Scott as a director ,he is one of the best directors around.The techniques he used in directing this movie are haunting and completely suitable to the whole intended atmosphere. .

Body of Lies is another superbly told story that is entertaining throughout.The dialog scenes are dynamite ,the action sequences are brutal ,realistic and stunning.The direction is swift and gripping ,it never looses your interest.

The plot is impeccably well-written and keeps developing very well throughout.The pacing is flawless ,it moves fast but never overwhelms and manages to occasionally slow down ,yet always maintains enough speed to keep you interested.The characters are well-written and memorable.

Leonardo DiCaprio was in top form and really got into his character with fitting emotions.Also, truly awesome in this flick was Russell Crowe ,whose character was played beautifully.Both do not disappoint.

But there is another actor in this film that i would like to highlight.He is Mark Strong ,his portrayal of the Jordanian" Hani" is mesmerising.

The story-telling is masterful ,no time is wasted whatsoever ,nothing is present that is unnecessary or doesn't serve a purpose. The cinematography and editing are careful and effective.Everything about this movie is perfectly in place ,even the soundtrack which will make you feel the Middle East.

The movie establishes the different points of view on terrorism ,an actual problem the world has nowadays and how certain people in power deal with it.

It's a very engaging action movie with a strong appeal to the more mature viewers.I found the film not only entertaining , but very thoughtful.

Today everywhere in our world ,people are keen to find scapegoats to blame or sacrifice.Corrupt Bureaucrats ,Politicians and Religious leaders are finding scapegoats at will to nurture their greedy ideologies.

So just have a look at all the famous afore mentioned scapegoats to really ask yourself "WHETHER YOU TOO WERE POINTING YOUR FINGER AT A SCAPEGOAT ?"

  • Rating : "PG" for strong violence.
P.S : "Do check out all the links given with the famous scapegoat's list ,they are various conspiracy theories that have been around.Make a conclusion yourself whether these people were SCAPEGOATS or not."

19. WAR = Desire of Individuals.

WAR ,understandability is said to be fought between nations but the bitter fact of this is that it is the leaders of the country who determine WAR or PEACE.And it is always a simple matter to drag the soldiers who just follow the orders ,not realising whether they are preventing or starting WAR.

Definition of WAR nowadays - It is a conflict built up in the minds of our governments and carried out on the battlefield by our soldiers.Nothing more.

PLOT : "The story of the Battle of Ia Drang of the Vietnam War and the soldiers on both sides that fought it."

We were Soldiers is an experience you won't soon forget.It is the pinnacle of what a war film should be.Not much time was wasted on politics or existential philosophy.It is simply a graphic a realistic portrayal of war.

Mel Gibson shines as Col. Moore ,he effectively portrayed how a leader leads his men from the front.I loved Sam Elliot as the Sgt Major and Barry Pepper was good as a crestfallen journalist.

The film has three stories ,the American soldiers in battle ,the families left at home & the stresses of personal loss and 3rd an insight into the Vietnamese strategies.

Director Randall Wallace who wrote the screenplays for "Braveheart" and "Pearl Harbor" shows an uncanny knack as a film director ,proving that he is dedicated with telling the horror and heroic stories of war.

This film tells us that the soldiers were only fighting for each other and not so much for their country ,the truth about war.How the men faced war and how at the end of it they came home not as heroes but as broken men

War's many horrors ,the bloodshed ,the suffering of the wounded ,the separation from family and the effects on the home front are portrayed frankly and realistically.Nothing is glorified or sugar-coated.

The story has no massive surprises as its not that kind of film.Its about the battle.People die , people survive.Its more about the sensation of war that is forced upon you.

The film captures some intense and brutal battle scenes that are amazing ,yet at times hard to watch.The photography is sweeping with beautiful surroundings that are swamped by war.

Nick Glennie-Smith's score has a triumphant sound ,but at the same time is haunting.He has delivered a highly passionate score filled with heroism and sadness.Every scene of heroism was filled with music set to inspire the viewer.Each scene of sadness was paired with a haunting piece of music.

It was a movie which covered it all and everything you had to see was shown ,the brutality ,the horrors ,the bonds of friends and the loss of life.It leaves you with a really new image of the war and you actually sit there and ask yourself how could men have possibly survived with such scenes running through their minds.

We Were Soldiers left me with an awe and respect for all those men and women who have fought and died to give us all the freedoms we enjoy.

For people those who haven't seen this movie yet ,take it from me ,you WILL be entertained and at the sametime educated about how SOLDIERS fight the real battle ,that is built up in the minds of our governments who DECLARE WAR with vested interests.

  • Rating : "PG" for violence in WAR scenes.
P.S : "875,000 feet of film was shot ,roughly 150 hours.It took the editing team 6 days ,day and night , to watch it all."


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