47. A Story about Love

Love - something that can truly never be explained or can we just say that its something that is never really & clearly understood.

I will obviously go for the latter ,coz these days Love is never truly understood by the generation we live in ,what seems as Love for one might be just a friendly relationship for the other.

And there are others who truly understand that someone's loving them but instead of saying their true intentions ,they just play along with them only resulting in a devastating end for the one who truly is in LOVE.

PLOT : " Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. "

A plot doesn't get as simpler as this ,"500 Days of Summer" will be very nostalgic & deeply affecting to those who had been taken for a ride in their life in the name of love.

"How did i miss this film ???" ,this was my first reaction after watching it.This film has all the ingredients for a romantic comedy but what makes it special was its plot & screenplay that blows the concept of romantic comedy out of the water.

Directed by Marc Webb ,who also happens to be the director of of the 2012 Spider-Man reboot ,the film is something which brings a whiff of fresh air to the otherwise redundant movies coming out of hollywood these days.

The scriptwriters Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber have just given the audience a different feel about romantic comedies that leaves something for everyone who enjoy these type of genres ,the disclaimer at the opening of the movie doesn't make sense in the beginning but after the film gets over it makes perfect sense.

The lead pair of Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel are simply marvelous ,Joseph as the guy who's waiting for the love of his life & Zooey who doesn't share his views about love ,they are one of the best lead pairs i have ever seen.

The chemistry between these two make up an interesting premises that keeps a tight grip on the screenplay ,the supporting characters of Chloƫ Moretz ,Geoffrey Arend & Matthew Gray Gubler were too perfectly employed.

The way in which the plot moves back & forth also tends to add strength to the film's narration ,the entire narration takes place within a matter of 500 days which signifies the 500 number in the movie's title.

The director has used his tricks very cleverly ,never revealing the true intentions of the lead pairs until the very end.He has brought out a enticing story about love that's truly lovable & believable.

The ending of a move plays a major role ,whatever may be genre ,the climax plays a crucial part & the audience make up their minds to certain extent regarding how the movie ends but if the filmmaker can truly outfox the audience then it becomes a major advantage that decides the fate of the movie at the box-office.

I truly was truly outfoxed & left with a smile at the end of the movie which is a realistic take of Love ,the boon & bane of it & also how certain people play with others in the name of it.

(500) Days of Summer is one of the best romantic movies to come out of ,be sure not to miss it.This is not a love story.This is a story about love.

  • Rating : "PG" for some sexual content & language.
P.S : " Co-writer of the film Scott Neustadter admitted the film was based on a real romance. Neustadter explains that when he met the real girl who inspired the character Summer , he was rebounding from a bad breakup back home, and promptly fell "crazily, madly, hopelessly in love" with the girl who "returned his kisses but not his ardor." The ending of the relationship was "painfully and unforgettably awful," which prompted him to co-write the film with Michael H. Weber. "

46. Sci-fi Magic

Lets see..
Future is something which intrigues us ,Future fascinates us ,it's alluring ,it's a mystery.

All these make for an interesting premises for a movie maker to showcase his vision of the future to the audiences.These sci-fi movies hence sometimes bring out an interesting perspective of our future that works like a magic trick.

A magic trick that leaves the audience in awe of our future.

PLOT : " A skilled thief who steals memories from people during their sleep sets out to do an Inception i.e: to plant a memory into a person during his sleep. "

I'm still yet to overcome the magnitude effect of "Inception" ,such was the scope of the film.The entire film's concept was so vast that it requires constant attention from the viewer from the very beginning till the very end.

Christopher Nolan's Inception was for me like a vast syllabus that had to be finished in a matter of just 3 hours.Imagine reading your entire college syllabus in just 3 hours ,such was the content this movie offered.

Nolan who's a well-acclaimed writer/director delivers a complex & intense film in a grand manner that explores the concepts of our dreams in a most compelling manner ,Hats off to him in bringing out such a concept.

But for all the praises about the film ,there are certain sections of the film which reminds us of cliched scenarios in typical hollywood movies ,i was surprised & disappointed to see this in a Nolan's film.

Casting of Inception includes Ken Watanabe ,Joseph Gordon-Levitt ,Marion Cotillard ,Ellen Page ,Tom Hardy ,Cillian Murphy ,Dileep Rao ,Tom Berenger ,Michael Caine & of course one of favourite actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio was at his usual best ,his role as the extractor who works on people's memory was a very convincing portrayal.He held the major screen space eclipsing all others ,i could go on about the other actors but lets say they were splendid & a treat to watch too.

The special effects here was a major pillar to the mammoth vision of the director ,the entire theater were so pulled onto it the film ,it was like witnessing a magician's trick in a grand scale.

What especially kept the film so hooked was its script ,got to hand to Nolan ,He's one hell of a script writer ,he handles the pressure points of a film really well which earns the appreciation of the audience.

Music by Hans Zimmer was really captivating ,it gelled well with the flow of the film ,the highs ,the lows ,the drama ,the action ,all of it were in a perfect rhythm.

A script so complex was edited by Lee Smith in a alluring manner that kept moving between various scenes in a neat & crisp manner.His collaboration with Nolan has yielded rich dividends in the past ,Inception is sure to be another feather in his cap.

Even though i can go on & on about the film ,i was left high & dry in certain parts of the film.On the whole i was not left disappointed because of the unique & compounding script the film offered.

Nolan is a magician ,a truly gifted one ,regardless of the flaws in the film he still got a standing ovation from the audience for enticing them with a riveting concept & screenplay which was truly Sci-fi Magic.

  • Rating : "PG" for some scenes of violence.
P.S : " Christopher Nolan's first film since his feature debut, Following (1998), that is a completely original work. All of his films between them are either remakes or based on comics, novels or short stories. "

45. Ethics in War

Gone are the times when battles are fought during daytime.
Gone are the times when the dead soldiers were laid to rest with honors during war.

Gone are the times when humans practiced ethical codes during wars


Gone are the times when prisoners of war were treated with respect.

Countries are called developed or developing or even a failed state ,i was always left pondering as to what are the criteria for these statuses to be given.

But after all the mayhem happening around the world its just that we can arrive on a conclusion that its about the ability of that country in war that earns it that status.

These countries are not only advanced technically but also in the torture techniques they put forth on the their prisoners ,however do they ever ultimately achieve peace out of these heinous practices ???

PLOT : " A terrorist plants nuclear bombs & gets caught by the authorities ,a deadly game then commences with the authorities & the terrorist willing to go to any extreme to get the better out of each other. "

By the time the film got over i gulped down a full bottle of water ,such was the tension in it.I was literally in two minds whether or not to see the next scene.

The brutality here is of the highest order imaginable which is definitely not advisable for children & light hearted individuals & the sametime you will be exposed to the various interrogation techniques followed by various different agencies in a government.

Unthinkable ,directed by
Gregor Jordan is one of those films which will keep you pondering well after the movie gets over.The issue of prisoners subjected to torture was well materialized that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

The plot & script were well written by
Peter Woodward that kept its pace throughout & at the sametime never lost focus on the issue at hand.

With a cast that boasts some big names like
Samuel L. Jackson ,Michael Sheen & Carrie-Anne Moss ,the film was packed with stellar performances which adds momentum to the script

Samuel L. Jackson as the interrogator was at his electrifying best ,the kinda stone heart he portrays will surely look surreal.Michael Sheen ,what can be said ,this was by far the best terrorist roles enacted on-screen.

Carrie-Anne Moss looked stunning & played out her role as an FBI officer to perfection ,her locking heads with Samuel were so convincing.The other support cast namely Brandon Routh ,Gil Bellows ,Martin Donovan were too utilized well by the director.

The psychological battle that takes place between the terrorist & the interrogators size up the major chunk of the film ,there's never a dull moment during these scenes as it forms the crux of the plot.

The film's take on torture techniques being employed & its effectiveness was well brought out ,it will surely leave you to stunned & in disbelief.

We humans have ethics in whatever we do but in war all these practices are ignored just to get the better out of the opponent ,ultimately we become the worst beings on the planet & the final goal of achieving peace is never achieved.

  • Rating : "A" for extreme violence.
P.S : " The film was released on 5 November 2009 in the United States ,it was not released on the international film market. "

44. Small budget "Dark Horses"

In a period where cinema industry is stretching its limits to provide quality entertainment ,more often than not we end up with high budget extravaganzas that increases the benchmarks of the industry.

But in all the grandeur & amusement ,many a films fails to achieve the crucial aspect of their target i.e ENTERTAINMENT.

But amongst these biggies a Dark Horse gallops away with all the accolades ,the end result is these Dark Horses are a product of small budget that entertains & reaps the rewards.

PLOT : " The happenings in the life of a pampered & unruly son who falls in love with his arch rival's sister & the rest of the plot revolves around whether he succeeds in his love or not. "

Thanks to the word of the mouth reviews from my social networking buddies i ended up watching this sure-shot entertainer from mostly new comers.

The film "Kalavaani" had traces & impacts of previous village oriented films but its the treatment of the script which places the film in a league of its own.

Directed by debutant Sargunam ,the film follows the troubles & exploits created by the youth of villages in a pleasing manner.The director has followed the lines of the other great directors who break the shackles by providing success with a new team & cast.

Kudos to the producer Nazir of Sherali films ,being the first film off their production block i think they have started on a right track.Lets hope we get more quality films from them.

Casting of the film was immaculate ,new comers have come to the party in the film with charming performances which earns smiles & laughs from the audiences throughout the film.

Vimal of "Pasanga" fame stars as the ill-behaved son ,boy isn't he a treat to watch.The trouble he brews with his group of friends gels well with the flow of the film ,his ladylove Oviya serves as the right pair.Her role of a school going village girl is a credible performance.

The other cast includes Saranya ,Ganga Karupu ,Ilavarasu ,Thirumurugan ,Soori & other notable artistes who make up a dominant cast.

Saranya & Ilavarasu as Vimal's parents make up for a great comical family whose dialects are fum to listen & see ,supported with a steady script the actors make the most of their screen space.

The film handles its runtime of nearly 3 hours on the support of its script which serves as its backbone ,the length of the film doesn't bother much thanks to the humorous treatment of the script.

On the whole the team of Kalavaani have provided a laudable work which will surely be lapped up by the audience ,for people unfamiliar with Tamil ,language wont be a major barrier to understand the happenings in the film.

Amongst a flurry of high-tech & high budget releases that rake the moolah in the box-office ,there arrives a film with a small budget handicap that doesn't deter it from becoming the Dark Horse.

  • Director : Sargunam
  • Writer : Sargunam
  • Rating : "PG" for some violence.
P.S : " Be sure not to miss the end credits of the film. "


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