43. Above the law ??

Law - "The principles and regulations established in a community by some authority. "

We have all gone through all these definitions ,phrases & various acts of law from school an umpteen number of times but more often than not these lines become just lines in our society.

All these so called laws are like a tissue paper in a restroom which are used at will & when necessary especially by the authorities who are responsible for enforcing them.

And finally its the aam aadmi (common man) who pays the price in this puppet show called democracy where the judicial society are well above the reaches of the so-called law.

PLOT : " A local village rebel kidnaps the wife of a police officer to prove a point that no one's above the laws of justice but things take a drastic turn when he decides to kill her. "

First things first ,With Raavanan Mani Ratnam has threaded on a path that is well known here in India ,Ramayana is a well known epic among indians on which the plot of the movie is loosely based on ,kudos to the director for taking this path & showcasing a refreshing premises.

There are mixed reviews among people upon the film's release but i'm for one who would say that i thoroughly cherished the movie from the intense start to the poetic ending.

Screenplay moved with the flow of the film that reverberated with powerhouse performances from the lead actors and the supporting cast ,the director deserves the credit for bring out stellar performances from his crew.

Vikram as the protagonist is the shinning light in the movie's cast ,his character of a man with complex thinking has surely struck the right chord in the film ,he shouts ,he's silent ,he imitates ,he growls thereby exposing all his bottled up emotions.

Aishwarya Rai ,the lead lady goes through grueling sessions of physical & mental hardships that put to test all her years of experience which turns out impressive.Prithviraj as her husband is stiff physically & emotionally which reflects his role as a cop.

The other supporting cast includes Karthik ,Prabhu ,Vaiyapuri ,Priyamani ,John Vijay & Munna.They too were a treat on screen ,all of them had their meaty share of roles that were utilised well.

Cinematography by
Santosh Sivan and V. Manikandan is one of the best i have seen ,all the beauty locales were justifiably filmed ,it would rival the best picture demos.Everything was so mesmerizingly shot.

Stunts by Shyam Kaushal and Peter Hein are topnotch ,a single stunt scene where the lead lady crashes to the river was so beautiful ,editing by 7 time national award winner A. Sreekar Prasad was evident in his crisp clips of the film's songs.

A. R. Rahman's songs & background score provide enough chills & moods to the films at the right places ,his association with Mani Ratnam has beared fruit yet again.

The premises for the plot of revenge & kidnapping is a tried and tested one but what makes Raavanan special is not its plot but the cinematic treat the film offers at the hands of one of India's finest directors ever.

The director's lead character Veeraiya portrays aam aadmi's (common man) sufferings at the hands of the judicial authorities who get away with all the atrocities they do in the name of law.

Such is the convenience democracy provides to these people ,say how many of these judicial people have ever been convicted for their atrocities ?

Are they above the law ??

  • Rating : "PG" for intense scenes of violence.
P.S : " Vikram has lead parts in both this film and its simultaneously-produced Hindi version Raavan (2010) ,however they are reversed.In the Hindi film he plays the role of Aishwarya Rai's husband. "

42. Unity is Strength

We have been told about certain morals & proverbs in our childhood days & some of them do play a vital role in our daily lives too.

"Unity is Strength",this proverb is one which we all will remember easily but how much of strength can a united set of people acquire ??

Hmmm may be this film could provide us with the answer for that

PLOT : " The events taking place before & during the 1995 Rugby World Cup in the newly elected anti-apartheid South Africa government headed by President Nelson Mandela. "

Clint Eastwood is one of the main reasons i watched this film ,i was so very impressed with his works in Flags of Our Fathers & Letters from Iwo JimaThe director in him has yet again proved his calibre with this film Invictus.

The film portrays the initial stages of the newly formed government in South Africa headed by Nelson Mandela & the problems that plagued his government then.

The racial remarks in the films are effectively drafted such that the audience could understand the degree of tensions that prevailed in then South Africa which was breaking away from apartheid.

Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela was the perfect man to do the role ,the way he moved & talked reminded me of the real Mandela himself.Watching him people could easily see the man who brought South Africa together.

Matt Damon essays the role of Fran├žois Pienaar ,the captain of the Springboks ,the South African rugby union team.His body language is truly amazing ,he clearly is a class act.

These two men shared the bulk of the screen time & were a treat to watch ,they way in which these two men command the loyalty of their fellow men is something every leader would dream of.

Cinematography & Art direction is very convincing ,it was like the happenings in 1995 South Africa ,the cars ,the buildings ,the dresses ,all of them were a perfect sync.

The supporting actors too played out their part well especially the people who enacted the role of Mandela's bodyguards were a treat to watch when they locked horns with each other.

The racists problems that plagues our world today can be clearly seen here ,everyone has their motives & fears but making them work together is such an herculean task which is aptly demonstrated.

Sports & music is a universal language that knows no barriers ,as i had already put forth "how much of strength can a united set of people acquire ??"

Well the unity of people in South Africa brought about the change in fortunes for the South African rugby team who in turn served as an inspiration to bring together the entire nation.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : " Nelson Mandela himself has said that only Morgan Freeman could portray him. And so Freeman was the first actor cast. "

41. Comedy is not easy

Making people laugh is one of the toughest things to do.Its a natural talent that some people posses which is a gift because its not something that everyone can do.

As a famous irish quote goes like "
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book."

Films based on comedy genre are always lapped up by people when given in an entertaining manner ,these lines hold true to this film
"Date Night".

" A case of mistaken identity leaves a couple on a date to run for their lives. "

Its been quite a looooong while since i had watched a comedy film in theatre so i just thought i might give this film a watch.

What made me choose this film ???
Well its simple ,i loved the trailer & the dialogs in it were enough assurance that i'm choosing a good movie.

Steve Carell is one of the main reasons for me watching this film ,i was very impressed with his previous film Get Smart.He has done more than justice to my opinion ,the entire theatre was in complete splits throughout the film.

Directed & produced by
Shawn Levy of Night at the Museum fame ,Date Night was a great follow up to this director's line up of super hit films.

I dunno whether the script written by
Josh Klausner was a comical one or its just the sheer talent of the director to translate it to a comic caper on-screen.Anyways i'm gonna leave that for you people to decide.

I'm taking no credit away from Tina Fey who was the lead actress here ,she was awesome in her dialog timings too.These two set the screen on fire with their humorous & numerous escapades.

The other casts includes
Mark Wahlberg ,James Franco ,Taraji P. Henson ,Common ,Jimmi Simpson & William Fichtner.

Casting was perfect for the film ,i'm always left pondering when it comes to casting for a successful film.May be its just how life is ,in success everything seems to so perfect.Still i'm all praises for the casting department ,they have just assembled a wonderful cast.

Steve Carell's dialog delivery and his sense of timing was very hilarious ,he's such a natural when it comes to comedy.He along with his partner Tina Fey were one of the best on-screen comical couples i have ever seen.

Dont miss the credits after the movie ,its an added bonus for the audience.

Mark Twain says "The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

And the people who make humans use this effective weapon are such a blessing for us ,an instant laughter transforms people to another world ,thats why its said COMEDY IS NOT EASY.

  • Rating : "A" for some sexual references.
P.S : " Despite the fact that his character's minimal apparel is a running joke throughout the movie ,there is a dedicated wardrobe assistant to Mark Wahlberg listed in the end credits. "


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