18. Aam Aadmi moves Forward ??????? Lol !!!

Shining India” ---The common man(Aam Aadmi) moves forward, And with his every step India prospers" ,Do these slogans ring a bell ????
Yup ,these were the very propaganda used by Politicians in India but as we are all well aware of the fact that India had neither shined nor grown for a common man ,rather his/her condition had gone from bad to worse.

Now the Aam Aadmi(so-called) is tentative in venturing out ,scared of the unknown terror lurking somewhere ,scared whether he will return in one piece or return at all.

Politicians ,wrongly-called Leaders of our country ,use our money to guard their precious self & leave the Aam Aadmi at the mercy of terrorists.They show complete irreverence to the Aam Admi's lives while they strive for power & money.

PLOT : "A Police commissioner faces one of the daunting day's of his career when an anonymous caller threatens to blow up the city ,the rest of the plot follows a cat & mouse game taking place between the caller & the commissioner involving people from various walks of life. "

Unnai Pol Oruvan ,a remake of Hindi film "A Wednesday" ,showcases the perils of terrorism & farce taking place when handing terrorists.The film echoes the common man’s anger against terrorism.

Directed by Chakri Toleti ,the film serves justice to its original Hindi version with some minor adjustments to appeal to the regional audience ,trust me these changes have served the purpose well.The debutant director has made his statement with this edge of the seat thriller.

Kamal Hassan & Mohan Lal are the pillars of the film ,Kamal dons the role of the anonymous caller while Mohan Lal protrays
a Police commissioner swinging around from the hands of Power ,Politics and Public.

The two are a delight to watch on-screen with their realistic depiction of their characters ,the supporting cast includes Lakshmi ,Ganesh Venkatraman ,Anuja Iyer ,Sriman play their roles without any signs of cliche'.

Cinematography by Manoj Soni is very neat & appealing ,adding the right mix of colours.The film focusses terrosim through the eyes of the common man.

Background score by Shruti Hassan is commendable ,the music serves as a roller coaster ride for the audience touching its highs & lows just at the right points in the movie.

Even though its a remake ,Unnai Pol Oruvan is deserved to be watched just because of the Mohan Lal & Kamal Hassan who bring about a different dimension to their original character's in the Hindi version.

The harsh reality of terrorism threatening our country & the way Bureaucrats handle terrorism is lived out in this film ,the remedy proposed for this ?

Our country was ready to go to war when the Parliament was attacked in 2001 but no swift action was witnessed when the same country was devastated by the attack on Mumbai on 2008.

So what does this all add up to ????
Is the common man's life expendable while money is spent on protecting Bureaucrats who cannot look beyond protecting their own interests ????????

  • Director : Chakri Toleti
  • Writer : Neeraj Pandey
  • Rating : "PG" for violence.
P.S : " While i was going through an article in the net i came across a remedy proposed to root out these pathetic Bureaucrats ,the author was of the opinion that only a change in the way of electing the bureaucrats would serve as a solution.I forgot to copy the link of the site but full credit to the author for providing such a purposeful idea. "

P.P.S : " The author's suggestions to change the election process are
  • Every adult has one vote.
  • Educated adults get one more vote. If they attain certain level of education, they get a third vote.
  • If a person is a tax payer, he gets one more vote. If he contribute things of value to the country, he gets the fifth vote.
  • In an election his voting gets translated into five votes!. "

17. Think before You Speak.

Being a perfect person means that a person owns absolutely no kind of flaws in his soul and personality.However ,for humans like us ,this is not at all possible because we tend to give in to certain aspects of today's world.

Backbiting is one such aspect which most of us do willingly or unwillingly.Discussing about an absent third absent negatively with others is a common habit among all but more so among women.

This is not to imply ,in any way ,that backbiting about others is exclusively a women's domain.At offices ,coffee shops ,restaurants & especially in apartments it is common to see people engaged in animated discussions or comical fun-making of others ,discussing details about incidents in the latter's lives.

But people fail to realise that these kind of backbitings may apparently look insignificantly small ,but they have long-lasting and widespread effects on someone's life.

PLOT : "After the sucide of a wife in an apartment ,a series of mysterious death occurs in the same apartment leaving the cops baffled.A police officer is determined to unravel his suspicion about the wife's suicide ,his ex-lover , which he thinks is connected to all the deaths."

Director Shankar has produced this well crafted thriller ,resurrecting the hope that all's not lost in Tamil cinema.Kudos for him in producing these kinda films ,serving as a benchmark & thereby bringing out some quality content.

Directed by debutant Arivazhagan ,Eeram's strength is it's script which has been dealt with an unique approach forming the crux of the film.The film sustain's its suspense throughout ,making it even more enjoyable & at the sametime providing pondering points to the audience.

The casting of the movie has proved to be its major pillar ,supporting it in an astute manner.The main characters are played by Aadhi ,Nanda & Sindhu Menon who fit perfectly in the film.Other supported characters have also played their part well & Saranya Mohan excels with a mature act.

Sindhu Menon lives her role as an obedient housewife caught in the web of suspicion due to the acts of her neighbours who malign her reputation in the apartment.Nanda has greatly impressed one & all with his portyal of a husband torn apart due to his sarcastic behaviour.Aadhi weaves a fresh lease of life into a cop's role ,with a power packed performance ,he surely is the show stealer.

The film depicts the fact about how some people's nasty remarks about others eats into the latter's reputation thereby ruining their social relationships and makes them more enemies than friends.

I especially liked the chemistry between Aadhi & Sindhu Menon ,expressing their admirations for each other in a cute but conventional manner.Whenever these two are on screen the film breezes past with ease.

Eeram means wet or dampness ,the film too has a damp effect to it which has been handled & picturised effectively by Manoj Paramahansa.

The editing done by Kisore Te gives the viewer's a pounding heart during some moments of the film but however the entire film was taken in subtle but compelling manner.

Music director Thaman takes the film to a level of awe which creates a sublime ambience for the film.The songs are a treat to the ears without halting the pace of the film.Kollywood surely has found yet another potential musical talent.

The genre of crime thriller has found its way back into Kollywood with an effective presentation.Eeram is sure to make an impact on the audience on the perils of backbitting & suspicion in a person's life.

Go for it & get haunted by Eeram.

  • Director : Arivazhagan
  • Writer : Arivazhagan
  • Rating : "PG" for horror content.
P.S : " I tried avoiding as much spoilers i could but watch the movie without hearing the story from anyone so that you could enjoy the film to the max. "

16. Justice is Blind !!!

Justice - judgment of persons or causes by judicial process.
Well don't get allured by the above expressed term because everyone knows a judge can easily be swayed by the courtroom dynamics of opposing lawyers.

If that is not enough to dishearten someone ,there is the pure and simple fact that the fate of the accused often rests in the hands of a judge who as a matter of fact (especially in india) keeps changing often.

"Runaway Jury" ,takes this farce of justice one step further ,what if the verdict is in fact decided not by the judge or the lawyers but rather than motivated third parties being fueled by special interests.

PLOT : " The Gun manufacturers face a lawsuit against them ,two lawyers of either parties defend their clients but unknowing to them the courtroom proceedings get manipulated by a third person with vested interests "

This is not a faithful adaptation of the novel of the same name but this a thought-provoking film which depicts how the RICH & POWERFUL can 'buy' judges for a price that thwarts the entire purpose of the justice system.

With a powerful cast featuring Gene Hackman ,Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack ,the film certainly stands out.The whole drama rotates mainly between these three characters.All three actors steal the show with Rachel Weisz also being in a pivotal role.

The acting is solid and good ,especially Hoffman and Hackman.You're kept guessing constantly what the next move will be.The movie is about total manipulation of justice ,it takes a deep look at the dirty tactics used behind the scenes.

Dustin Hoffman gives such a convincing performance as the lawyer prosecuting the gun manufacturers while Gene Hackman defends them.The show-down between these two class actors positively blisters with their exceptional acting skills.

John Cusack and Rachel Weiss bring exciting new elements to a plot that never loses speed for a whole two hours.I would definitely recommend this as a crime/courtroom drama/thriller that is heart wrenching and heart racing at the same time.

Runaway Jury focuses behind the scenes of the trial and not just the issue itself.The tremendous amount of time ,energy and money to learn and manipulate the judgement is scary.

A very intense movie that keeps you second guessing each and every move.It's thought-provoking and it's probably closer to the truth that we want to believe.

John Cusack is the key juror who may or may not affect the outcome of the judgement is clever.Shuffling throughout the film ,he will leave you floored at the end of the film as to how things wind up.

Director Gary Fleder serves a well written script that applied good chemistry for suspense.The courtroom scenes are not so theatrical but the fallout of naked greed and vindictive behavior catches the entire cast and immerses them into a vortex that strips integrity away chip by chip as the suspense escalates.

There are those who believe that the proceedings in this film are unrealistic but given the current state of the world ,if anyone doesn't believe that tampering of justice exists and that the law isn't manipulated from time to time ,these people simply aren't living in the real world.

This is one outstanding film that movies briskly ,has outstanding performances ,is cleverly written and is over before you know it.

"Justice is Blind !!!" ,so do you concur with this popular notion ???????

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : " The bathroom scene where Dustin Hoffman confronts Gene Hackman is the first ever dialog in a movie between them.It was added when someone on the crew found out that the two ,though they had been friends for 50 years ,had never starred in a movie together. "

15. Love ends in Marriage ?????

Emotional is what most couples are these days who fall in love & dash ahead to their marriage.All these couples think that its True Love but is it ?.Whats the rush to get married when you don't have a True Love!

"Marriage is the culmination of Love" ,well this is the popular notion that has been amongst the minds of lovestruck people but contrary to these notions are the number of the divorce cases these days.Are these people who got married had True Love between them ???

"True Love happens only once is our lives ,the rest that follows is just a compromise".

PLOT : "A father explains to his daughter his imminent divorce & the women in his past ,the daughter learns that his father had loved three women in his life but did he marry his TRUE LOVE ???"

"Definitely, Maybe" inevitably inspires a viewer who has had more than one relationship to reflect on what was and what might have been.The twists of fate that brought them to the moment they inhabit now.

Writer-Director Adam Brooks presents us with a wonderful surprise with a neat & subtle plot.What I love about this story is that its told through a third person point of view.We know the father is telling the story but we see it as it happens from a third-person perspective.

The film's structure is based on Will Hayes(Ryan Reynolds) recounting the story of the three women in his life ,changing their names whilst his daughter Maya(Abigali Breslin) attempts to work out which one of them is her mother.

The three women are played by Elizabeth Banks as Emily ,Isla Fisher as April and Rachel Weisz as Summer.All these three actors perform their roles or should we say have lived their roles in the movie and each of them portray their prominence on Will Hayes's life.

Most fascinating are the changes in Will as he lives with each woman.With Emily ,he seems most the most basic & traditional.With Summer ,he is ambitious with a professional drive.With April, he seems to be a peculiar individual being more of himself.He could probably have found some kind of happiness with any of the three women ,it would just have been a different happiness.

Ryan Reynolds is great.He is charming ,handsome and funny.He carries the movie throughout ,never letting go.He fills his role perfectly with a natural ease and charisma that makes his character completely believable and likable.

What really works in this film is his vulnerability and humanity.His natural chemistry with Abigail Breslin ,who plays his daughter Maya ,is the heart and soul of the movie.

Gosh!This cute girl has surely done a marvelous.Her character isn't flawless but am happy with her protrayal of a girl who just wants to see her father happy.

We get a 3 for the price of 1 deal on the love stories ,which keep things fresh and moving at a brisk pace.There are plenty of twists and turns and the overriding sensation is that this is very much a modern day take on romance.

It's not a traditional ,sweeping love story with one TRUE LOVE ,each relationship has its own pros and cons ,ups and downs and a certain degree of cynicism.

Its a well crafted story and I liked trying to figure out which of the women was the girls mother.I got it wrong of course which made it that much more enjoyable.

The movie glides quite nicely through its many flashbacks ,It's a compelling journey of change and transformation for both those on the journey as well as for those who are watching it.

In this film you can interpret a very good question and an answers as well.It gives you a glimpse that highlights a man/woman's problem of both the joys and hardships of TRUE LOVE & finding their TRUE LOVE even if its right infront of them.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : " The producers of this movie had also come up with two soothing romantic comedies in "Love Actually" & "Notting hill" ".


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