11. All You Need Is Love

People often are not voiced together in favour of a film they watch because everyone has their ifs & buts of the story and don't end up completely satisfied.But there's no way around ,as you can watch only one film at a time and there's sometimes a rarity when two or more stories are squeezed up in a film.

What if i say that there's a film with more than 8 different stories about as many couples.

PLOT : "Follows the lives of different couples in dealing with their love lives."

The film essentially contains eight different romantic comedies. The positive side of this is that there should be something for everyone. If you don't enjoy one story the film will skip to another one in no time.

Richard Curtis , the talented writer of the very successful Four Weddings and Funeral ,Nottting Hill and Bridget Jones's Diary ,and one of Mr. Bean's the creators ,wrote and directed Love Actually ,and what a directing debut it is.

First, and foremost, I admire the film for the outstanding (and I mean it) cast. Some of the best British and American and European actors.I would watch this movie again just to enjoy the awesomely talented cast but pardon me for not mentioning their performances because this film has an enormous star cast.

Love Actually talks about love ,romances ,break-ups ,moving on and does it admirably.This is a film I can watch over and over and it always brings warmth ,humor ,laughs ,sadness and Love that is everywhere ,just look a little closer.

This film is quite complicated with many different stories occurring at the same time just before Christmas.What ties this all together is that the various stories all relate to each other somehow. In other words ,this film is about people and their friends who also have separate stories that diverge.I rarely have seen this type of film work so well.

Director Richard Curtis delivers a series of cleverly written tales about the trials and tribulations of love ,covering the many facets of the subject like romantic love ,young love ,middle-aged love ,fraternal love ,maternal love ,paternal love ,sexual love ,unrequited love ,friendship ,flirting ,courtship ,seduction ,porn and you'll love it!

Watch this alone to indulge in sappiness but don't make your friends sit through because none of them will have the patience.The viewer must employ a willing suspension of disbelief in order to fully enjoy this film.

This film makes me smile and even brings some tears to my eyes. Love Actually gives romantic comedy its good name back.It is a very good movie sometimes close to perfect ,gorgeous ,sweet in the good sense of the word and always lovely.

Love Actually is an out-and-out feel good movie.It does not try to portray highly believable characters or an intense storyline however it delineates the lives of people from various walks of life searching for love in their own ways in a sweet ,light-hearted manner.

If you have not seen this film or If you have only seen it once and are not a fan I recommend you give it another try.

Amazingly ,it celebrates a multitude expressions of love between an astounding variety of couples without becoming embarrassing.Watch this film and you'll go through all the emotions of any love affair as you fall under its spell ,loving every minute of the experience ,treasuring it in your memory long after it's ended.

Love is a felling that you must feel to express.This film manages to take several tales seldom told and weave them into a timeless classic.

There was humour ,infidelity ,adolescent love , passion and a whole range of emotions dealing with love.If you are a romantic and want to see an uplifting and entertaining film this is it.The last scene proves that loves is all around us.

The director had given a wonderful movie to the world. Love is all around.There can be no life without love.Everyone had done their jobs well.The musical score is best. It made me feel throughout the movie. It made me smile. It made me laugh. It made me sad.
Altogether it's a great experience !!!

  • Rating : "PG" for some nudity
P.S : "In a specific scene an actor had to be undressed by three American girls ,after filming the scene the actor returned his pay check for the scene.He said he had such a great time having three girls undress him for 21 takes ,that he was willing to do it for free and thus returned his check for that day."


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