12. Danger runs deep

Crimson Tide is simply a clash of opinions and theories of two tough men who stand by their beliefs or should we say this film portrays the clash of wills between two headstrong individuals.

PLOT : "The plot captures the differences vented out between a Captain and his fellow Officer on board a nuclear submarine on launching a nuclear missile after they receive an incomplete message from their headquarters."

The film is a surprisingly thought-provoking thriller considering the fact that Director Tony Scott got no help from the United States Navy in making the film.It comes through as a compelling portrayal of many shades of the human psychology.The flawless performances from the lead actors make you feel as though you're standing right there, trembling.

It's hard to believe that a movie which action is passed all the time inside a small place can be so good and brings so much tension.

Tony Scott's tight direction builds more tension than the premise warrants conveying the thrills of survival against the odds. The film is claustrophobically shot without darkening the movie that really captures the mood of the sub.

Gene Hackman masterfully brings his character to a boil in reaction to the actions of the first officer ,from the initial discontent ,to the awkwardly concealed irritation and finally to the fist-throwing fury.In return ,Denzel Washington displays smartness ,coolheadedness ,respect and intellectual sometimes physical tenacity towards his captain.

With two leads like that ,you'd expect the supporting cast to be eclipsed ,but they're not.They standout.All the supporting actors turn in strong performances ,nobody is doing a bad job here.

The plot grips you as soon as the movie starts and just gets better and better.The fact that you can't all out route for Gene Hackman or Denzel Washington as they could both be right or wrong creates a tense dilema that plays in your own head while the film runs because both do an excellent job of putting their concerns and views across.

Tons of time must have gone into creating a realistic submarine environment ,with heavy detail paid to the lighting and sets inside.

This movie has a lot of suspense.The tension created between Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington is very moving.They both are very impressive in this film.The chemistry between them is so good that whenever they clash you can expect a very well acted scene.

Tony Scott and his screenwriters have crafted a wonderfully intelligent thriller which assumes intelligence on the part of the audience. They do not give us any easy answers. As the credits roll ,we are left to ponder the immense destruction of nuclear war.

Hans Zimmer's score is intense and riveting ,the soundtrack is excellent and adds to the movie's already-potent suspense.

The thing that makes Crimson Tide such a great movie is its ability to bring the fear of nuclear holocaust into the souls and duties of ordinary men.The fact that the entire fate of civilised humanity depends on the crew of the submarine receiving a single message is what the tension of this film is all about.

With lines such as "The true enemy is war itself",this film can not be taken lightly and will leave you thinking about the subject of nuclear war for a while.Nevertheless its a good film with an outstandingly filmed submarine attack in it.

Crimson Tide is a pure adrenaline rush from beginning to end with excellent ,tense script , cracking film score and an action film that appeals to both your brain and your excitement.

The film is a testament to the good writing and acting.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : "Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were also considered for the role that went to Denzel Washington and Al Pacino was originally offered the role played by Gene Hackman."

P.P.S : "Tony Scott is the younger brother of film director Ridley Scott."


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