14. Our World Today !!!

Anyone can work together if they/we can put aside our petty little differences and cooperate.No matter skin color ,country or religion ,people can work together and can become friends.

Well if u agree to what i have said above you can very well agree what is portrayed in this movie.You will also see in this movie that how the children in some families are raised to hate and loathe the believers of other gods.It is truly a regretting shame of our human race.

This is the scenario of "OUR WORLD TODAY"..........

PLOT : "When a terrorist bomb detonates inside a Western housing compound in Saudi Arabia ,FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury quickly assembles an elite team and negotiates a secret five-day trip into Saudi Arabia to locate the madman behind the bombing."

The Kingdom could easily be dismissed as another mindless action film, one might be surprised that there is a real plot with real character development within it.

Really ,Peter Berg here proves to be a serious filmmaker, directing what is basically a character drama with a large-scale political and international backdrop with a pace that feels extensive but also quite intense.

A movie showing every possible details of how an terror plot is being equipped.A perfect presentation of reality.A great way to start on and a perfect finishing with a ecstatic background music.

Jamie Foxx leads with impressive dominance as a very humbly drawn hero.While Chris Cooper gives a fantastically and amiably earthy performance ,Jason Bateman delivers on a note of wry humor and Jennifer Garner displays sensitivity.

The real match in the actors playing the investigative team is Ashraf Barhom ,who plays a Saudi police colonel who is seen as an antagonist by Foxx ,Cooper ,Garner, and Bateman at first but gradually forms a real and loyal bond as someone who is after the same justice.

Director Peter Berg proves that he is no slouch when it comes to staging a urban gun battle.The fighting sequence was really full of suspense ,for a while it blew off my mind.Crazy ,excellent stuff & very appreciable.

The action scenes were intense enough to keep my hands clenched for many minutes.I hadn't realized how tense I was.The Kingdom could've been 45 minutes to an hour longer and I would've been just as enthralled.

The gruesome attacking sequence was also very well made ,dramatic ,swift and to the point without any unnecessary gore.

The strengths of the film are not only from the well created attacks and gun battles but the characters themselves who are portrayed as real people.They are not just out to shoot whoever crosses their way but an attempt is made to create a thinking plot for the movie.

The movie ends with a nice commentary on hate and revenge and how that may play into the current global terror conflict.

The Kingdom is a well-shot ,well-told ,well-acted action thriller with great intensity ,feeling and depth in its story and many of its scenes.The very beginning graphics demonstration of the history of the growing dependence and conflict involving oil seems to be a surplus.

It would be easy to write off this film as nothing more than just another bloody and violent action escapade that carelessly utilizes existing narratives to justify the amount of gun play that fills the screen.However ,the main brunt of this film is not its guns nor its blood ,it is about its relationships ,the relationships that exist between law enforcers and their families and the relationships between the terrorists and their own families.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language & violence.
P.S : "The production team had originally wanted to shoot the film on location in Saudi Arabia but political and logistical issues made this far too difficult.Instead,they re-constructed exterior urban scenes using photographs from the internet and some that director Peter Berg had taken on a visit to the country prior to filming.Some additional on location photography was shot in Abu Dhabi ,United Arab Emirates.This includes the Prince's palace and larger exteriors with skyscrapers ,major city streets and highways."

13. Stargate

No one has destroyed the Earth more then Roland Emmerich who is very well known for his films with big budget special effects such as Independence Day ,Godzilla ,The Patriot & The Day After Tomorrow.

Stargate was his second 'big' film after Universal Solider(1992).I find it difficult to understand why Stargate is often forgotten from every list of best sci-fi movies.I think Stargate is the best sci-fi adventure because it's overwhelming with it's elements extremely creative.

PLOT : "The movie revolves around a group of US soldiers & a symbologist who unlocks an ancient device named "Stargate" found by the US military that transports them to another galaxy.The problems they face & theirs encounters with the people who made the "Stargate" forms the main plot of the film."

Stargate remains an amazing picture with a classical direction ,all the elements well accomplished ,extremely serious developments and without stupid jokes or comedy.For me ,Stargate has become a cult movie.

Other than the fact of being original and interesting ,the audience wouldn't get bored watching this as the film doesn't drag on.The alternate history story which combines archaeological Egypt with science fiction in a doubtful ,but very much compelling theory.

James Spader does an amazing job playing the mild mannered sum who has the gift to able to translate Egyptian drawings into words and also speak the language of the new race that they encounter.

Stargate is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen.I was really blown away on how good this movie was.The story was rather original ,the characters were interesting and of course the special effects were terrific.

I've always been a fan of adventure movies but when you throw in the mysteries of old Egypt and the pyramids then you have me hooked.

Kurt Russell is great in this movie and fit the role pretty well. He has some great lines and a couple good action scenes. The whole cast and crew seemed perfect for their roles.

The sets ,costumes and effects perfectly capture the feel of the film.The planet at the other end of the Stargate might look like Egypt ,but there's something about it that makes it much more distant than another continent.

Every detail is well done and well shot with car with a plot that will pull in any open-minded viewer.

Its an enjoyable film that transports you to the farthest reaches of the universe, and plunges you into a world that is at the same time alien, but familiar.The special effects contribute greatly to the film and are not overdone.

A great movie that makes me wish that Emmerich would go back to making more classics like this.Hopefully he'll take a break from all the destruction and go back to this formula.Stargate is one of my all time favourite movies and i desperately want Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin to make a sequel.

Anyone who hasn't seen STARGATE owes themselves the treat of witnessing a genuine epic science fiction film.

Watch this movie! Go to places you haven't been before.

  • Rating : "PG" for action violence.
P.S : "Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin were sued for stealing the storyline from a student of Egyptology named Omar Zuhdi who submitted the story to them about ten years before the movie was made.The only differences between the story and the movie are slight name variations. The issue was finally settled out of court."

P.P.S : "This was the first movie to ever have an official website. It was set up in 1994 and featured images ,trailers and behind the scenes clips and actor information."

12. Danger runs deep

Crimson Tide is simply a clash of opinions and theories of two tough men who stand by their beliefs or should we say this film portrays the clash of wills between two headstrong individuals.

PLOT : "The plot captures the differences vented out between a Captain and his fellow Officer on board a nuclear submarine on launching a nuclear missile after they receive an incomplete message from their headquarters."

The film is a surprisingly thought-provoking thriller considering the fact that Director Tony Scott got no help from the United States Navy in making the film.It comes through as a compelling portrayal of many shades of the human psychology.The flawless performances from the lead actors make you feel as though you're standing right there, trembling.

It's hard to believe that a movie which action is passed all the time inside a small place can be so good and brings so much tension.

Tony Scott's tight direction builds more tension than the premise warrants conveying the thrills of survival against the odds. The film is claustrophobically shot without darkening the movie that really captures the mood of the sub.

Gene Hackman masterfully brings his character to a boil in reaction to the actions of the first officer ,from the initial discontent ,to the awkwardly concealed irritation and finally to the fist-throwing fury.In return ,Denzel Washington displays smartness ,coolheadedness ,respect and intellectual sometimes physical tenacity towards his captain.

With two leads like that ,you'd expect the supporting cast to be eclipsed ,but they're not.They standout.All the supporting actors turn in strong performances ,nobody is doing a bad job here.

The plot grips you as soon as the movie starts and just gets better and better.The fact that you can't all out route for Gene Hackman or Denzel Washington as they could both be right or wrong creates a tense dilema that plays in your own head while the film runs because both do an excellent job of putting their concerns and views across.

Tons of time must have gone into creating a realistic submarine environment ,with heavy detail paid to the lighting and sets inside.

This movie has a lot of suspense.The tension created between Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington is very moving.They both are very impressive in this film.The chemistry between them is so good that whenever they clash you can expect a very well acted scene.

Tony Scott and his screenwriters have crafted a wonderfully intelligent thriller which assumes intelligence on the part of the audience. They do not give us any easy answers. As the credits roll ,we are left to ponder the immense destruction of nuclear war.

Hans Zimmer's score is intense and riveting ,the soundtrack is excellent and adds to the movie's already-potent suspense.

The thing that makes Crimson Tide such a great movie is its ability to bring the fear of nuclear holocaust into the souls and duties of ordinary men.The fact that the entire fate of civilised humanity depends on the crew of the submarine receiving a single message is what the tension of this film is all about.

With lines such as "The true enemy is war itself",this film can not be taken lightly and will leave you thinking about the subject of nuclear war for a while.Nevertheless its a good film with an outstandingly filmed submarine attack in it.

Crimson Tide is a pure adrenaline rush from beginning to end with excellent ,tense script , cracking film score and an action film that appeals to both your brain and your excitement.

The film is a testament to the good writing and acting.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : "Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were also considered for the role that went to Denzel Washington and Al Pacino was originally offered the role played by Gene Hackman."

P.P.S : "Tony Scott is the younger brother of film director Ridley Scott."

11. All You Need Is Love

People often are not voiced together in favour of a film they watch because everyone has their ifs & buts of the story and don't end up completely satisfied.But there's no way around ,as you can watch only one film at a time and there's sometimes a rarity when two or more stories are squeezed up in a film.

What if i say that there's a film with more than 8 different stories about as many couples.

PLOT : "Follows the lives of different couples in dealing with their love lives."

The film essentially contains eight different romantic comedies. The positive side of this is that there should be something for everyone. If you don't enjoy one story the film will skip to another one in no time.

Richard Curtis , the talented writer of the very successful Four Weddings and Funeral ,Nottting Hill and Bridget Jones's Diary ,and one of Mr. Bean's the creators ,wrote and directed Love Actually ,and what a directing debut it is.

First, and foremost, I admire the film for the outstanding (and I mean it) cast. Some of the best British and American and European actors.I would watch this movie again just to enjoy the awesomely talented cast but pardon me for not mentioning their performances because this film has an enormous star cast.

Love Actually talks about love ,romances ,break-ups ,moving on and does it admirably.This is a film I can watch over and over and it always brings warmth ,humor ,laughs ,sadness and Love that is everywhere ,just look a little closer.

This film is quite complicated with many different stories occurring at the same time just before Christmas.What ties this all together is that the various stories all relate to each other somehow. In other words ,this film is about people and their friends who also have separate stories that diverge.I rarely have seen this type of film work so well.

Director Richard Curtis delivers a series of cleverly written tales about the trials and tribulations of love ,covering the many facets of the subject like romantic love ,young love ,middle-aged love ,fraternal love ,maternal love ,paternal love ,sexual love ,unrequited love ,friendship ,flirting ,courtship ,seduction ,porn and you'll love it!

Watch this alone to indulge in sappiness but don't make your friends sit through because none of them will have the patience.The viewer must employ a willing suspension of disbelief in order to fully enjoy this film.

This film makes me smile and even brings some tears to my eyes. Love Actually gives romantic comedy its good name back.It is a very good movie sometimes close to perfect ,gorgeous ,sweet in the good sense of the word and always lovely.

Love Actually is an out-and-out feel good movie.It does not try to portray highly believable characters or an intense storyline however it delineates the lives of people from various walks of life searching for love in their own ways in a sweet ,light-hearted manner.

If you have not seen this film or If you have only seen it once and are not a fan I recommend you give it another try.

Amazingly ,it celebrates a multitude expressions of love between an astounding variety of couples without becoming embarrassing.Watch this film and you'll go through all the emotions of any love affair as you fall under its spell ,loving every minute of the experience ,treasuring it in your memory long after it's ended.

Love is a felling that you must feel to express.This film manages to take several tales seldom told and weave them into a timeless classic.

There was humour ,infidelity ,adolescent love , passion and a whole range of emotions dealing with love.If you are a romantic and want to see an uplifting and entertaining film this is it.The last scene proves that loves is all around us.

The director had given a wonderful movie to the world. Love is all around.There can be no life without love.Everyone had done their jobs well.The musical score is best. It made me feel throughout the movie. It made me smile. It made me laugh. It made me sad.
Altogether it's a great experience !!!

  • Rating : "PG" for some nudity
P.S : "In a specific scene an actor had to be undressed by three American girls ,after filming the scene the actor returned his pay check for the scene.He said he had such a great time having three girls undress him for 21 takes ,that he was willing to do it for free and thus returned his check for that day."

10. America's Most Wanted

Do you like shootouts , bank robberies , cat & mouse games between police & thiefs or do you wanna know the other side of robbers nd criminals ????????
If your answer is "YES" then Michael Mann's movies are the ones you are looking for and the latest offering from one of cinema's ace directors is "PUBLIC ENEMIES".

PLOT :" A cinematic adaption of America's once most wanted man John Dilinger and his numerous escapes and robberies which was sensationalized across America during the Public Enemy era "

I really like Michael Mann's movie for one particular reason, "Gun Fights".You must really see one of his movies to witness some of the best gun battles ever depicted in cinema.Movies like Heat , Miami Vice , Collateral and now Public enemies stand a testament to it.

One thing Micheal Mann certainly knows how to direct is a good shoot-out, as well as a very good break-out scenes. Mann lets his passion and skill do all the talking in this vividly photographed and exceptionally acted endeavor.

Story wise Public Enemies is what you expect ,there are no real twists and despite the title it really is only about one public enemy ,John Dilinger portrayed amazingly and subtly by Johnny Depp.

The film was shot using HD camera ,while I admit it was a little distracting in places ,it also gave a sense of realism to it ,almost as if I were watching a documentary.Helped me to remember that what I was watching actually happened and wasn't just fantasy.The flash from their guns was amazing.

Johnny Depp is the foundation for this movie. His performance was incredibly convincing. Movie-goers who are familiar with his range and characterization won't be too surprised by this. When he was on-screen, I felt I was actually watching Dillinger. He stole the show, and an Oscar-nod wouldn't surprise me.

Marion Cotillard was even better.She is the kind of actress I would like to see in any love story. Her emotional performances were classic.

Christian Bale is a very intense actor.I like what he does in about everything he has done. He seemed to give an accurate portrayal of Melvin Purvis.His language, body language, and just the general tone in which he said certain lines made his character believable as well. You could tell that both Bale and Depp had spent a good amount of time researching their character before filming this movie.

Another plus for this movie was that all of the filming locations which were brought together in an appealing 1930s manner.The clothes and sets. Magnificent! Astounding! Splendid! The city looks so authentic ,from the guns to the traffic lights.From the shoes to all those magnificent haircuts.These people did an admirable job!!! I applaud!

The dialogue is minimal and I love this about Mann ,every word counts.There is no clumsy expositional & lengthy dialogue here.I think one becomes in love with John Dillinger ,as the character, because of Johny Depp who mesmerizes us on-screen.

The most amazing aspect of Public Enemies for me was simply the way it was shot. This was no stylised film but was realistic and gritty as if someone with a digital camera had travelled back to 1933 and shot what they saw.This is what is the key to its success and the reason why I think it deserves a mention along with the greatest classics of the genre.

This is definitely not a fast paced movie so adrenalin fans may need to adjust a little. It is a smart movie.I have to call it stylized drama suited for most ages.While it is not blood gushing gore ,there is plenty of violence.

With its A-list cast and gifted director ,this movie was everything I expected from it. All of the cast members gave outstanding depictions of the real life people. It made you feel as if you know the person.

On a final note, the film is well cast/acted ,action-packed ,humorous ,occasionally dramatic and very realistic.This is one gangster movie that should not be overlooked!Public Enemies is a film worthy of satisfying the appetite of any fan of gangster or crime films. Don't miss this movie.Well done Micheal Mann !

  • Rating : "A" for Violence
P.S :" In the trailer Johnny Depp says to one of the bank customers, "We're here for the bank's money, not your money." This line was in a previous Michael Mann film.It was said by Robert De Niro in Heat (1995). In the finished film, this line is reversed to "We're not here for your money, we're here for the bank's." "


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