10. America's Most Wanted

Do you like shootouts , bank robberies , cat & mouse games between police & thiefs or do you wanna know the other side of robbers nd criminals ????????
If your answer is "YES" then Michael Mann's movies are the ones you are looking for and the latest offering from one of cinema's ace directors is "PUBLIC ENEMIES".

PLOT :" A cinematic adaption of America's once most wanted man John Dilinger and his numerous escapes and robberies which was sensationalized across America during the Public Enemy era "

I really like Michael Mann's movie for one particular reason, "Gun Fights".You must really see one of his movies to witness some of the best gun battles ever depicted in cinema.Movies like Heat , Miami Vice , Collateral and now Public enemies stand a testament to it.

One thing Micheal Mann certainly knows how to direct is a good shoot-out, as well as a very good break-out scenes. Mann lets his passion and skill do all the talking in this vividly photographed and exceptionally acted endeavor.

Story wise Public Enemies is what you expect ,there are no real twists and despite the title it really is only about one public enemy ,John Dilinger portrayed amazingly and subtly by Johnny Depp.

The film was shot using HD camera ,while I admit it was a little distracting in places ,it also gave a sense of realism to it ,almost as if I were watching a documentary.Helped me to remember that what I was watching actually happened and wasn't just fantasy.The flash from their guns was amazing.

Johnny Depp is the foundation for this movie. His performance was incredibly convincing. Movie-goers who are familiar with his range and characterization won't be too surprised by this. When he was on-screen, I felt I was actually watching Dillinger. He stole the show, and an Oscar-nod wouldn't surprise me.

Marion Cotillard was even better.She is the kind of actress I would like to see in any love story. Her emotional performances were classic.

Christian Bale is a very intense actor.I like what he does in about everything he has done. He seemed to give an accurate portrayal of Melvin Purvis.His language, body language, and just the general tone in which he said certain lines made his character believable as well. You could tell that both Bale and Depp had spent a good amount of time researching their character before filming this movie.

Another plus for this movie was that all of the filming locations which were brought together in an appealing 1930s manner.The clothes and sets. Magnificent! Astounding! Splendid! The city looks so authentic ,from the guns to the traffic lights.From the shoes to all those magnificent haircuts.These people did an admirable job!!! I applaud!

The dialogue is minimal and I love this about Mann ,every word counts.There is no clumsy expositional & lengthy dialogue here.I think one becomes in love with John Dillinger ,as the character, because of Johny Depp who mesmerizes us on-screen.

The most amazing aspect of Public Enemies for me was simply the way it was shot. This was no stylised film but was realistic and gritty as if someone with a digital camera had travelled back to 1933 and shot what they saw.This is what is the key to its success and the reason why I think it deserves a mention along with the greatest classics of the genre.

This is definitely not a fast paced movie so adrenalin fans may need to adjust a little. It is a smart movie.I have to call it stylized drama suited for most ages.While it is not blood gushing gore ,there is plenty of violence.

With its A-list cast and gifted director ,this movie was everything I expected from it. All of the cast members gave outstanding depictions of the real life people. It made you feel as if you know the person.

On a final note, the film is well cast/acted ,action-packed ,humorous ,occasionally dramatic and very realistic.This is one gangster movie that should not be overlooked!Public Enemies is a film worthy of satisfying the appetite of any fan of gangster or crime films. Don't miss this movie.Well done Micheal Mann !

  • Rating : "A" for Violence
P.S :" In the trailer Johnny Depp says to one of the bank customers, "We're here for the bank's money, not your money." This line was in a previous Michael Mann film.It was said by Robert De Niro in Heat (1995). In the finished film, this line is reversed to "We're not here for your money, we're here for the bank's." "


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