40. Man's Best FRIEND

It goes without saying as to who MAN'S BEST FRIEND IS but for those of you who still regard DOGS as untouchables ,i'm sure this movie would atleast bring about a certain change in opinion.

DOGS are sometimes or ,should i say ,most of the times are human's solace at times of grief & despair ,having a canine as a guardian is better whereas having them as a companion is a whole different world altogether.

"One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he/she doesn't try to find out why."

PLOT : " A true story of how a group of sled dogs left abandoned in
Antarctica fight for survival. "

Never have i cried so much whilst watching a movie ,"Eight Below" is one such masterpiece that presented such a moving theme coupled with an heart wrenching screenplay.

Directed by Frank Marshall of "Alive" & "Congo" fame ,this must be one of the best canine related movies ever made.The connection between the dogs & the characters in the film was so convincingly portrayed.

The characters enacted by
Paul Walker ,Jason Biggs ,Bruce Greenwood & Moon Bloodgood are all very well played & portrayed.The way Paul feels dejected after letting go of his dogs & how the dogs look up to him when he leaves evokes sympathy from the viewers.

All the dogs in this movie deserve special mention ,they were very well trained & performed exceedingly well in their roles.

The cinematographer has pictured the dog's responses in a compelling manner ,it was like watching the dogs in a natural environment.DOGS are such good actors these days.

I dont think i can ever watch this movie again ,such is the impact this movie had on me ,i was literally crying throughout the latter part of the film.

This movies is actually based upon the 1958 ill-fated Japanese expedition to Antarctica that inspired the 1983 hit japanese movie Nankyoku Monogatari.

Eight Below is the fictional adaptation of the events of the 1958 incident moved forward to 1993, the last year that sled dogs were used in Antarctica.

In the 1958 event ,fifteen Sakhalin Husky sled dogs were abandoned when the expedition team was unable to return to the base.When the team returned a year later ,two dogs were still alive.Another seven were still chained up and dead, and six unaccounted for.

The movie's climax is one of the happiest moments i had cherished in cinema ,kudos to the entire team for this excellent experience.

Dogs have given us their absolute all.We are the center of their universe ,we are the focus of their love and faith and trust.They serve us in return for scraps.It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.

  • Rating : "U"
P.S : " Dogs have been banned from Antarctica by treaty since 1993 because of evidence that disease was spreading to seal wildlife. "

39. Business or Family ???

There is a scene in the film "GODFATHER" where the Don asks his godson the following question

DON : " Tell me, do you spend time with your family? "
GODSON : " Sure I do. "
DON : " Good.Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. "

The last phrase in this conversation is the point which needs to be given a closer look ,"A MAN WHO DOESN'T SPEND TIME WITH HIS FAMILY CAN NEVER BE A REAL MAN. "

In our daily life in this competitive world we tend to loose out on the things that must be valued the most ,Family is one such comfort that is overlooked the most out of these.

Lots of pressure ,lots of stress for working parents to bring up their children with proper education ,decent lifestyle in a healthy environment but parents so often than not fail to provide the one thing their sons & daughters want ,"Their parents spending time with them."

PLOT : " The plot revolves around a brother & sister who yearn for the love & affection of their father who keeps his business always ahead of his family. "

As i exited the theater after watching this movie ,i left with an heavy heart.Such is the impact of this movie especially the penultimate scenes & climax which leaves the audience pondering.

"Remember Me"
moves at its own pace that might put off some people but if you have the patience to understand the happenings in the movie ,you will surely be rewarded with an enriching experience.

Directed by Allen Coulter & Written by Will Fetters ,the film is a romantic drama that has a perfect cast who play out their characters with such conviction which makes the audience relate to them.

Robert Pattinson is fast catching up as one of the poster boys of hollywood & he deserves it.His character of a son who refuses his father's wealth & influence is an adorable one.

Emilie de Ravin plays his love interest here ,God isnt she young for her age.I really thought that she was a teenager until i looked up her age.Those two had a nice chemistry throughout the film.

Chris Cooper & Pierce Brosnan enact the roles as fathers of Emilie & Robert respectively ,the veterans made the most out of their roles here ,the other supporting cast also were on par.

The director has brought out the exact emotions required from all the cast whether it might be a serious scene or a comical scene ,there are only few movies that had moved me & this film is surely one of them.

The way in which Robert consoles his sister each & every time is very touching and soothing ,the girl's longing for her dad's presence is very realistic so much that people who had missed spending time with their parents could reflect upon her easily.

Most parents think so much of their children's future that they fail to provide the essential love & care that their sons & daughters require at present ,and by the time they realise that life is all about living in the moments those times would be lost forever.

  • Rating : "PG" for some love making scenes.
P.S : " This is one of many movies made since 09/11 that aim to create emotional responses from the terrorist attack. "

38. Misconception.

Misconception - A mistaken thought ,idea ,notion or misunderstanding.

We as people are prone to mistake or misinterpret whatever we see or hear ,thats human nature ,isnt it not ????

Infact we have abundant lists of common misconceptions ,just click here if you wanna know what they are.So why are so erroneous in our judgements ???

The answer is simple ,we humans make life harder for ourselves & make even the simplest of matters complex...

PLOT: " A viking colony's misconception's of dragons have resulted in a bloody conflict between dragons & vikings ,a young boy & a dragon form an unlikely bond that might end this conflict but is it too late ??? "

Well first things first ,this is a 3D film & secondly its an animated film ,well then this makes the first animated 3D film i have seen.

I was literally left with no other movie to go this weekend & i ended up watching "How to train your Dragon".I'm now exteremely happy with my decision ,this is one of the best animated flicks i have ever seen.

The movie has something for everyone ,romance ,comedy ,action & the thrills.A more of a feel good movie that entertains throughout its full length.

Directed by the duo of Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois ,this film eventhough with a predictable storyline keeps the audience focussed ,an achievement indeed.

The script was well worked out with the right kind of ingredients that makes for an enjoyable movie ,the conversations between the animated characters proves to be a show stealer ,humourous & at the sametime meaningful dialogs.

The voices were perfectly casted here ,Jay Baruchel ,Gerard Butler ,Craig Ferguson & America Ferrera's voices applied the right kind of responses to the various situations & moods.

And about the 3D animation ,it created a lively ambience in the theatre which was alluring.Taking this factor into account I wonder whether 3D flicks will be offered more beacause of its appeal.

If you are planning a perfect family weekend with your kids then this film will definitely be the perfect start or the perfect end ,some characters in movies have an enchanting appeal with the masses ,i'm sure the kid "Hiccup" & the dragon "Night Fury" will create a similar waves.

You will be kept wanting for more as the film draws to an end ,such is the appeal of the movie.I'm again glad that i made the right choice in choosing this flick.

The way in which a simple issue is made complex by misconceptions is aptly illustrated here ,humans although possesing a certain sixth sense tend to decide things based on the overview of how things happen or had happened.

Because of our irrational thinking we have let ourselves be ruled by a handful of jerks called politicians these days who capitalise on these faults of ours.

If we can just lookout at the clear picture things might make more sense to us ,may be we are stubborn or ignorant to overcome these misconceptions just like the vikings in this film.

  • Rating : "U"
P.S : " With the film's success a sequel is being planned with a schedule to release by 2013. "


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