27. Talent Wasted......

Talent is something that is unique with every individual which sets them apart.Making use of it people scale great heights by accomplishing things ,things that not everybody can do.

Some put their talents to good use whereas there are equal numbers wasting it ,and there are others with sadistic thoughts trying to put their talents to the test in a more gruesome manner imaginable.

PLOT : " A peasant boy born with a superior sense of smell embarks on a journey to create the world's best perfume but the ingredients of his perfume have a price ,a price which turns him into a murderer. "

I have never been so enthralled whilst watching films of this genre ,the flow of the film was like watching a play being orchestrated by the finest entertainers.

Director Tom Tyker has created a masterpiece here ,his previous works "RUN LOLA RUN" "HEAVEN" are his other trademark films.The way the entire script was handled coupled with the beautiful screenplay just made me sit upright till the end.

The peasant boy portrayed by Ben Whishaw was so subtle & perfect ,his acting was really commendable.His quest & the paths he takes to create the best PERFUME is etched out really well with his scintillating performance.

" THE SOUL OF A BEING IS THEIR SCENT " ,remember this phrase because only then will you know how this phrase has been sketched out into a movie so convincingly that it will take you for a ride you wouldn't forget.

The other cast includes Dustin Hoffman ,Alan Rickman & the sublime beauty of Rachel Hurd-Wood playing out their roles near to perfection.

The background score had such a beautiful sync in the movie ,this along with the crisp cinematography was an uplifting experience for me.

Music conducted by the trio of Tom Tykwer ,Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil is something out of the blue for a ardent movie buff like me.The background score along with the movie worked like a symphony with a soothing touch.

The film is basically adapted from the novel by Patrick Suskind which was a international best seller ,I haven't read the novel but i can just imagine the experience in reading it whilst watching the movie.

The beauty of the script made me ignore the heinous crimes committed by Ben such that it made me ponder whether his crimes were justifiable to support his cause.

The talent possessed by Ben in the movie could have brought enough fame & fortune than anyone can imagine if he had utilised it in a more appropriate way but he ended up as just another in a bunch of individuals ,individuals who end up on the wrong side wasting their immense talent.

PERFUME portrays one such individual who had the gifted talent in him & how his talent brings upon a curse to fellow beings & finally to himself.

  • Rating : "A" for nudity.
P.S : " Perfume as of 2006 was the most expensive German movie ever made ,It was deemed unmarketable for American audiences and released in a very limited number of theaters in North America. "


Greed : An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves ,especially with respect to material wealth.

It is natural for human beings to go above and beyond in search of the ultimate possibilities in any interest or field.This natural urge supercedes peoples ability to realize or care about when they are taking advantage of those who are disadvantaged.

The person ,who knows contentment, eats to live but the greedy person lives to eat.Due to human greediness every day we are loosing one or the other species.When will it be our turn?

PLOT : " Avatar is the story of Jake Sully ,a paraplegic marine ,who replaces his brother on a secret mission to infiltrate the Na' vi ,the colony of beings that sit on the planet of Pandora ,where there is a precious ore ,that sells at a ridiculous amount.When Jake learns the ways of the Na' vi ,his feelings and learnings will put him and the people he trusts in dangerous jeopardy."

"Avatar" is visually mind-blowing ,I have never seen a film that could come any close to match its beauty.Even though everything in front of you was made from the scratch ,you never feel the world you see in the film is not real.And it doesn't matter the film's over 2.5 hours long - you never want to stop watching.

I can't even imagine how many people must have worked on 'Avatar' and for how long ,to make it all happen ,but you certainly believe in what you see ,wanting to know how the events will develop.

Because if you can't appreciate 'Avatar' then you just can't appreciate the art ,And 'Avatar' is a piece of art.It is a masterpiece of our times.Those who go and see this film will know what I mean.

AVATAR is the "STAR WARS" of this generation ,with no doubt is it a family film.This film isn't just about visuals ,it's about the magic of film-making.And that is something rarely achieved in such absolute beauty ,beauty that leaves you walking away from the theater spellbound.Avatar is unique.

You are immersed in the movie and you are exploring a new world.It is more than one time that you loose your breath.Beautiful images are following each other at high speed and you just can't believe what you are seeing.

Director James Cameron ,the man behind the legendary "TITANIC" ,really impressed me as he deals with nature and spirituality in this film and manages to explain it through biology and chemistry rather than implying any sort of holy deity.

Sam Worthington was fine as a leading man and some of his awkward attempts to integrate into the tribe are great.Zoe Saldana plays the Na'vi tribe perfectly.She is strong and wise ,yet vulnerable and feminine.She is the heart of the film.

The acting is superb ,both by the actors and the na'vi characters.But the strength of this experience lies in the world Cameron takes you to - the sights and sounds are realistic beyond compare.This is not your ordinary computer graphics - this is one of the very rare cases where special effects will make it more of a journey than just a movie.

It is also a film where 3D really shines.Till now ,3D was the forte of animation movies.Here, 3D will bring you uncannily close to realism.

The story is a bit thin and predictable though there are nice character developments.But that just doesn't matter because Avatar is just more than a movie ,a movie that writes film history.

The film ends leaving you wanting more ,it starts by slowly enticing you ,then gradually building up into one heck of an adventure ,rolling at such a speed that you'd never think it would end ,but films end eventually ,and I just hope that we are given SEQUELS in the future.

The happenings in the film serves as a stark warning that human greed is threatening to destroy the environment.

‘Spend/destroy now ,pay later’ is an extremely selfish move driven by HUMAN GREED.

Everyone has a right to a decent lifestyle but perhaps we all need teaching or reminding what a ‘decent lifestyle’ really should equate to.And our motivation should be the type of planet we would like our grandchildren to inherit.

  • Rating : "PG" for intense war scenes.
P.S : " James Cameron originally attempted to get this film made in 1999 as his immediate follow-up to Titanic (1997). However, at the time ,the special effects he wanted for the movie ran the proposed budget up to $400 million.No studio would fund the film, and it was subsequently shelved for almost ten years. "

25. I'M not a KID !!!!

Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children.Children have always thought that once they reach the age of 18 they are finally on their own and their parents will leave all the decision making to them.This is not true.

Parents will try to continue making the decisions until the child puts their foot down.Sometimes even when the child attempts to put a stop to it ,MOST parents still don’t listen.

Children are left in a situation where they have to make their decisions without hurting their parents.Everyone knows that most of the time the parents are just worried and want what is best for their child no matter what their age is.However ,this tends to put a damper on the child’s life.

This situation can cause different problems.It can cause problems in the child’s relationships or marriages.It can cause big issues between parent and child in regards to the way the child lives.

PLOT : “An overconcerned father decides everything in his son’s life ,the son tired of the forced spoonfeeding breaks the shackles & experiences life his own way.”

Bommarillu is the best example of perfect casting.Here is another tailor-made role for Siddharth.He is very natural ,charming and elegant.The most crucial part of his performance comes in the confrontation scene with Prakash Raj.

Genelia steals the show with her mind-blowing performance as a happy-go-lucky and innocent girl.Prakash Raj is at his best in this role that demands extraordinary performance.

Director Bhaskar arrives with this film as a terrific talent.There is lot of freshness in the film.He understands the nuances of filmmaking extremely well and applies them all with perfection for his debut film.

Story & screenplay of the film is tight.Direction is exceptionally good.He has dealt both fun scenes and emotional scenes with same degree of dexterity.

''Bommarillu'' reassures the viewers that there are plenty of talented people around in India to come up with films sans vulgarity and violence to present pure entertainment in a dignified way.

Bhaskar has fleshed out the characters of the father and son brilliantly.How the relationship evolves over a period of time and how the son musters courage to put his foot down.

Devi Sri Prasad’s Music of the film is very good and background music is excellent.Soothing tunes adds to the film’s strength.

We all have our own choices to make in our lives ,but if we choose to fall in line with our parent's wishes ,we do not have any right to blame them if anything goes wrong in our life.

At the sametime Parents might let their children learn from their own mistakes ,Parents should be neither an anchor to hold back their child ,nor a sail to take them forward.

''Bommarillu'' probes deep into this psyche of parents and their grown up children to analyze where and how conflict between them starts.It also presents the solution.

This film can change quite a few people’s outlook on how to raise their kids & make some Parents realise that their child IS NOT A KID ANYMORE.....

  • Rating : "U"
P.S : "After filming ,the runtime of the film was 3 hours and 15 minutes.It was later trimmed by 25 minutes"


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