2. Love is like the wind.

"A WALK TO REMEMBER " , One of my all time favourite movies in fact for me the best romantic movie till date and the only romantic movie that made me cry !!!!

PLOT : " Landon Carter is a popular guy at school who seeks the help of Jamie Sullivan to get through the college drama but both have nothing in common with each other, Landon's aimless, moody, reckless guy who breezed through school on looks, has no plans, no future and no faith in himself whereas Jamie is an very orthodox christian girl with a strict father , Landon falls in love with Jamie but when a heart-breaking secret becomes known that puts their relationship to the test, it is then that Landon and Jamie realize the true meaning of love and fate. "

This movie is adapted on screen from a novel titled the same written by Nicholas Sparks.I just saw this movie without any expectations and thought it would just be another run of the mill romantic flick but was pleasantly surprised with the subtleness in how the movie was carried from the beginning.

The lead actors Shane West & Mandy Moore did their role perfectly evoking the right kind of emotions in sync with their excellent chemistry , the orthodox christian daughter played by Mandy Moore was so sweet making me ponder whether is it too good to be true or just another hypocrite !!!

Each and every scene is so engaging backed up by soothing music creating a feeling of whether I'm watching too good a romance.The on-screen chemistry made me really jealous , i dunno who should be given the credit for this , the director ? Or the writer ? Its up to you to decide.

Another reason why it's such a great movie is because you see the transition of someone who I guess you can say was "heading on the wrong path" given another chance to make something out of themselves, and that makes you feel good.

I liked how they showed the transformation of Shane West's character. It was very believable. We get to witness a sort-of "miracle" as the film puts it of how a wayward teen turns his life around.

Mandy Moore delivered a performance so genuine and moving it totally stunned me. She was utterly spellbinding in every scene she was in .I thought her translation of "Its gonna be love" during the school play was cinematic magic. She was for those moments, every man's dream.

A Walk to Remember is not ur typical love story where love is just a part of it , I never expected this movie would touch me so much , You will feel as you are part of the movie by relating to it and you'll just love it.I hope i could love and care like that !!!

At times I agree, the film seemed to be headed down THE MAJESTIC path of over-sentiment but I'm sorry guys, I don't care. So long as Jamie was on-screen ripping my emotions apart, the rest really didn't matter!

This movie blows LOVE STORY totally out of the water.The film's simplicity, lack of pretension and strong supporting actors that serves it so very well.It makes you feel like you want to become a better person, and not be so selfish, self-centered, and makes you realize that there more important things in life.

"A Walk to Remember" is most certainly not a teen movie.It is a movie for everyone , for the older it gives them something to look back on , for the younger it gives us something to dream of in the future. I think it is great to watch a movie that makes you cry and smile all at the same time,and yet come out with such a happy feeling.

  • Rating : "PG"

P.S : The novelist Nicholas Sparks is also credit for creating another romantic masterpiece in " The Notebook " that also ranks among the all time great romantic movies.I rate " A Walk to Remember " as the best romantic movie till date , wanna disagree ????

1. Who watches the Watchmen?

This movie is an adaptation
of a comic-book WATCHMEN directed by Zack Snyder.

PLOT : " WATCHMEN is a group of masked heroes in America who fight crime but are later banned by the government,trouble starts when one of them is killed and the investigation grows suspicious which reunites the super-heroes to seek out the motive for the murder "

Well i went into the movie with great expectations after seeing the ratings and reviews .The movie started off really well with a fight scene picturised superbly "Don't miss out this scene " . The camerawork of this movie is awesome throughout which captures the mood aptly.

The movie is set in the backdrop of the 80's during the period of the cold war where world is in the brink of nuclear catastrophe.The special effects are of top notch with mesmerizing music.If you haven't read the comic like me you should engage yourself with every scene of the movie and shouldn't blame the movie for so many flashbacks for each character,the flashbacks also form the central core of the screenplay.

The actors have performed well especially the character played by Rorschach,stunts are really cool so are the costumes for all the characters but animal lovers wont be having a good liking for the movie.Special mention has to given for the make-up who resembled many personalities like Richard Nixon,Fidel Castro and pulled it off with panache.

The story itself is a pretty straightforward mystery , inside of that, there a huge plot that has international intrigue and a super-villain and everything you want from a superhero story.

Most of the people who actually read the book thought that it was unfilmable but kudos to the director as reviews by people who have read the book are clearly a testament for his accomplishment.

Fans and those previously unfamiliar with Watchmen should go in with an open mind. Snyder has performed what Doctor Manhattan might deem a miracle, so it may take more than one viewing to truly appreciate this unique adaptation.

Even though the movie runs for 160 odd mins i had a good time of it with getting my money worth.With successful movies like "DAWN OF THE DEAD" & "300" to his credit Synder has not disapponted his fans like me.

Remember the fact that its not easy to adapt such a hugely successful comic on screen but Zack Snyder has proved himself once again.His previous two movies have also been remakes and won him rave reviews and also did the numbers in the box office.

Be warned, those expecting a Ironman or Dark knight kind of superhero movies will be very much disappointed because this movie explores an alternative and bold type of screenplay like just imagine a serial killer type of movie with a superheroes being murdered !!!

  • Rating : "A"

P.S : This movie has been given a "A" rating but i still can't understand how certain scenes made out through the scissors of the indian censor board especially the scene where Patrick Wilson[Nite Owl] and Malin Akerman[Silk Spectre] make love to each other.


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