29. Sherlock Holmes

Let me be straight about certain things before going into the movie part ,

PLOT : " Sherlock Holmes & his partner Watson are on the trail of Lord Blackwood ,a notorious criminal who is on the verge of bringing about a new world order with his diabolical plans. "

Well first things first ,whenever is see a kick-ass movie i usually keep expecting more from it but sadly most Hollywood flicks have a runtime only about 90 mins or so but this film more than satisfied me with a runtime of about 120 mins.

120mins of pure adrenaline pumping action ,comedy & ofcourse the versatile characterizations of history's most famous detective & his trusted partner.

Guy Ritchie has directed the movie with panache ,right from the start the film moves at a rapid pace keeping the viewer engrossed with it.The director must recieve loads of accolades for providing a clean entertainer with the right dosage of facts & logics.

Equal appreciation must also be given to the writers of the film who have provided an excellent screenplay that caters the needs of many genres of this film ,be it action ,comedy or mystery.The film scores in all these aspects.

Casting couldn't have been better ,
Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes was a treat to watch with his terrific body language that evokes laughter at the right times.Jude Law as Watson has more than done justice to his part as the trusted partner ,the presence of these two characters is dynamite onscreen.

Mark Strong was a convincing villan with his dark attired costumes ,Rachael McAdams was gorgeous as Irene Adler & Eddie Marsan as Inspector Lestrade was perfect.

The art direction is really commendable with real life sets of London transporting the viewer to 19th century England.Costumes were also a perfect sync ,creating the perfect backdrop.

Where the movie really works is with its characters ,each & every character in the film is etched out really well with a touch of realism.
Robert Downey Jr has brought to life the legendary detective ,furthermore was his sense of comedy at which he excelled throughout the film.

I dunno how ardent fans of Sherlock Holmes would react to this portrayal but i loved it to the core.The way how a detective works & the speed at which the clues are unravelled are sketched out neatly.

The plot was a bit confusing at first which kept building up right upto the penultimate scene during which every question & logic is answered at a breakneck speed.

Music by multi-oscar winner
Hans Zimmer was riveting and at the sametime added the extra gloss to the film.He has delievered a soundtrack that goes hand in hand with every scene.

If you have plans to see a top class entertainer anytime then look nowehere ,this a scorcher of a movie that traverses through the world of crime & mystery with history's legendary detective
Sherlock Holmes.
  • Rating : "PG" for some scenes of violence.
P.S : " Colin Farrell was in talks to play Watson before Jude Law was cast.The set for Sherlock Holmes's home in this film was previously used as Sirius Black's home in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007). "

28. Aayirathil Oruvan

The wait is finally over !!!!

Selvaraghavan's long due project hit the screens today ,today was the day i was been waiting for a looooong time.

Was the wait for the movie worth it ????

PLOT : " An epic adventure undertaken by a group to people to trace the Last Chola King & his heir "

The plot of the movie is just a mere understatement ,i was just expecting another Indiana Jones type of movie after seeing the trailer of the this film but beware there's more to it.

Director Selvaraghavan has scripted another beautiful masterpiece which he can be damn proud of ,the director's work is on par with any international movie when it comes to the story and screenplay for this film.

Originality was the keyword in this movie ,every scene had originality to it with not even an hint of being lifted from any other epic movie.

The cast of the film mainly comprises of Reemma Sen ,Parthiban ,Karthik & Andrea.Everyone's work is really appreciable.Reema Sen has given the best performance of her career ,awards for her role might not come as a surprise ,she is main pillar of the movie around which the entire story revolves.

Parthiban was another pillar with his versatile acting & body language ,Karthik has done a role similar to his prevoius film "Paruthiveeran" but here his comic sense is more so profound ,he really comes to life during the latter part of the film.

Andrea has done her part ,pity that her role was overshadowed by the performances of the other cast.Her acting too was very well brought out as so we can expect from a Selvaraghavan movie.

Technical wise the film scores really well with the visual effects coming of its own in Tamil Cinema.The film crew's hardwork is evident throughout the film ,more so is the work of the make-up department & the supporting junior artists.

The strength of the film is its script which requires avid attention from the audience ,if you walk in to the theatre expecting every detail to be thrown at you then am sorry then this film will not work out for those kind.

In a period where Masala Films have been grinded out at regular intervals from the Tamil Industry ,Aayirathil Oruvan comes as a rare glimpse of hope that all is not lost.

Periodic films have become a rare genre these days.I dunno why people are hestitating to produce such films in India which is rich in its culture and tradition ,the film also brings back the good old Tamil from ancient days that was very pleasant at the sametime warranted great amount of attention to understand.

The first half of the film is very much an adventure ride with great comical scenes with an extra dosage of reality whereas the second part traverses the side of lost civilizations ,impeccable acting and some irrefutable facts of how people have a destiny to fullfill.

Spiritual aspects play a vitol role in the film ,the main concept of the film is how people each have a destiny.

Was the wait for the movie worth it ????

Oh YES !!!!
The film was worth the hype and wait ,expecting the film to be a run of the mill adventure flick i was pleasantly astounded as the film unraveled itself.

Go with an open mind to enjoy the movie ,some people might find it hard to understand the plot of the movie but i dont blame them because we audience are being fed only worthless masala movies most of the time.

Aayirathil Oruvan has broken many barriers in Tamil Cinema with ease.
Make sure you dont miss it !!!

  • Rating : "A" for strong language & some nudity.
P.S : " The film starts with a disclaimer message that this movie is just fictional and the content is in no way connected with the CHOLA kingdom."


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