27. Talent Wasted......

Talent is something that is unique with every individual which sets them apart.Making use of it people scale great heights by accomplishing things ,things that not everybody can do.

Some put their talents to good use whereas there are equal numbers wasting it ,and there are others with sadistic thoughts trying to put their talents to the test in a more gruesome manner imaginable.

PLOT : " A peasant boy born with a superior sense of smell embarks on a journey to create the world's best perfume but the ingredients of his perfume have a price ,a price which turns him into a murderer. "

I have never been so enthralled whilst watching films of this genre ,the flow of the film was like watching a play being orchestrated by the finest entertainers.

Director Tom Tyker has created a masterpiece here ,his previous works "RUN LOLA RUN" "HEAVEN" are his other trademark films.The way the entire script was handled coupled with the beautiful screenplay just made me sit upright till the end.

The peasant boy portrayed by Ben Whishaw was so subtle & perfect ,his acting was really commendable.His quest & the paths he takes to create the best PERFUME is etched out really well with his scintillating performance.

" THE SOUL OF A BEING IS THEIR SCENT " ,remember this phrase because only then will you know how this phrase has been sketched out into a movie so convincingly that it will take you for a ride you wouldn't forget.

The other cast includes Dustin Hoffman ,Alan Rickman & the sublime beauty of Rachel Hurd-Wood playing out their roles near to perfection.

The background score had such a beautiful sync in the movie ,this along with the crisp cinematography was an uplifting experience for me.

Music conducted by the trio of Tom Tykwer ,Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil is something out of the blue for a ardent movie buff like me.The background score along with the movie worked like a symphony with a soothing touch.

The film is basically adapted from the novel by Patrick Suskind which was a international best seller ,I haven't read the novel but i can just imagine the experience in reading it whilst watching the movie.

The beauty of the script made me ignore the heinous crimes committed by Ben such that it made me ponder whether his crimes were justifiable to support his cause.

The talent possessed by Ben in the movie could have brought enough fame & fortune than anyone can imagine if he had utilised it in a more appropriate way but he ended up as just another in a bunch of individuals ,individuals who end up on the wrong side wasting their immense talent.

PERFUME portrays one such individual who had the gifted talent in him & how his talent brings upon a curse to fellow beings & finally to himself.

  • Rating : "A" for nudity.
P.S : " Perfume as of 2006 was the most expensive German movie ever made ,It was deemed unmarketable for American audiences and released in a very limited number of theaters in North America. "


HaRy!! said...

download panu da HaRy :D

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Hary

Pathuthitu unga comments sollunga Sir :)

Rajlakshmi said...

too bad haven't heard of the movie...
but wonderful review as always :)
wish you a wonderful year ahead :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year to you

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Rajlakshmi

WIsh you a joyful new year to you too :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Pakkaramu

Happy new year :)

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