17. Think before You Speak.

Being a perfect person means that a person owns absolutely no kind of flaws in his soul and personality.However ,for humans like us ,this is not at all possible because we tend to give in to certain aspects of today's world.

Backbiting is one such aspect which most of us do willingly or unwillingly.Discussing about an absent third absent negatively with others is a common habit among all but more so among women.

This is not to imply ,in any way ,that backbiting about others is exclusively a women's domain.At offices ,coffee shops ,restaurants & especially in apartments it is common to see people engaged in animated discussions or comical fun-making of others ,discussing details about incidents in the latter's lives.

But people fail to realise that these kind of backbitings may apparently look insignificantly small ,but they have long-lasting and widespread effects on someone's life.

PLOT : "After the sucide of a wife in an apartment ,a series of mysterious death occurs in the same apartment leaving the cops baffled.A police officer is determined to unravel his suspicion about the wife's suicide ,his ex-lover , which he thinks is connected to all the deaths."

Director Shankar has produced this well crafted thriller ,resurrecting the hope that all's not lost in Tamil cinema.Kudos for him in producing these kinda films ,serving as a benchmark & thereby bringing out some quality content.

Directed by debutant Arivazhagan ,Eeram's strength is it's script which has been dealt with an unique approach forming the crux of the film.The film sustain's its suspense throughout ,making it even more enjoyable & at the sametime providing pondering points to the audience.

The casting of the movie has proved to be its major pillar ,supporting it in an astute manner.The main characters are played by Aadhi ,Nanda & Sindhu Menon who fit perfectly in the film.Other supported characters have also played their part well & Saranya Mohan excels with a mature act.

Sindhu Menon lives her role as an obedient housewife caught in the web of suspicion due to the acts of her neighbours who malign her reputation in the apartment.Nanda has greatly impressed one & all with his portyal of a husband torn apart due to his sarcastic behaviour.Aadhi weaves a fresh lease of life into a cop's role ,with a power packed performance ,he surely is the show stealer.

The film depicts the fact about how some people's nasty remarks about others eats into the latter's reputation thereby ruining their social relationships and makes them more enemies than friends.

I especially liked the chemistry between Aadhi & Sindhu Menon ,expressing their admirations for each other in a cute but conventional manner.Whenever these two are on screen the film breezes past with ease.

Eeram means wet or dampness ,the film too has a damp effect to it which has been handled & picturised effectively by Manoj Paramahansa.

The editing done by Kisore Te gives the viewer's a pounding heart during some moments of the film but however the entire film was taken in subtle but compelling manner.

Music director Thaman takes the film to a level of awe which creates a sublime ambience for the film.The songs are a treat to the ears without halting the pace of the film.Kollywood surely has found yet another potential musical talent.

The genre of crime thriller has found its way back into Kollywood with an effective presentation.Eeram is sure to make an impact on the audience on the perils of backbitting & suspicion in a person's life.

Go for it & get haunted by Eeram.

  • Director : Arivazhagan
  • Writer : Arivazhagan
  • Rating : "PG" for horror content.
P.S : " I tried avoiding as much spoilers i could but watch the movie without hearing the story from anyone so that you could enjoy the film to the max. "


pra said...

Seems to be a nice thiller. I have to watch out for the hindi dubbed version of it! Or a remake perhaps!!I like Tamil films!

Shruti said...

I wanted to watch this movie! Heard this story is good! All shankar's productions turned out to be a massive hit! Lets hope it remains the same here!!
Super review pa!

Hey yeppo 'Unnai pol oruvan' review yezhudha pore?!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Pra

Hey u can watch the tamil version itself coz acting plays the major role here & u could understand the film without any issues :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Shruti

Thanks for ur comments pa :)
This film is surely making it's presence felt,a HIT for sure :)

Unnaipol Oruvan will be put up soon :)

Gayathri said...

Sindhu looks sooo beautiful..and the songs are lovely..
Didn know this was the plot..sounds interesting..especially being from shankar :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Gayathri

Songs are definitely a major asset to the film pa :)
Sindhu's presence is very soothing too :)

Singh Amit said...

I would like to watch this movie with english subtitle...Usually I used to watch south Indian movies with english subtitles in my college days as movies and sutitles both were easily available....
Very Well written review...

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Singh

Thanks for dropping by buddy :)
Watch the film yaar ,u can understand it ,language is not a prob :)

pra said...

I will try!:-) You have an award waiting for you on my blog! Please collect it!

HaRy!! said...

hey bro..unaku thanks solanum :) thanks from me, Yunus,magesh and many more here in soton :)! i read this review the other day and urged my friends to watch the movie!! sema movie da!! really liked it... romba thanksngoooo! :)


Bharathi said...

May I suggest you to give a rating for each movie you review? that would make it more interesting :-)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Pra

Thanks alot yaar :)
Am honoured :)
My fellow bloggers have been really kind in giving me all these beautiful awards :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Hary

No probngoo :)
Am happy that my blog was useful for u ppl :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Bharathi

Dunno whether rating can be put up in this template but I'll surely try to embed it :)

Mitr - Friend said...

Hey Sathish,
Nice review bout Eeram. I am planning to watch it.. Lets see when. I dunno. Time has to permit..
Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting. Thanks a ton for following. Do drop in often. Would love your visits n comments.. :)
Great to know I introduced Kolu to you. :)
Happy Navarathri.. :)
My Travelogue

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Mitr

No prob yaar :)
Ur blog's worth following :)

Do drop by often :)

Jana said...

well writtten review.. as good as movie.. i enjoyed the way it was taken... more movies of this kind need to encouraged and more importantly blogger like you too.. how about review on thiru thiru thuru thuru ???

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Jana

Thanks for following man :)
Ur comments are flattering :)

well i havent seen Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru yet ,will get to see it soon :)

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