16. Justice is Blind !!!

Justice - judgment of persons or causes by judicial process.
Well don't get allured by the above expressed term because everyone knows a judge can easily be swayed by the courtroom dynamics of opposing lawyers.

If that is not enough to dishearten someone ,there is the pure and simple fact that the fate of the accused often rests in the hands of a judge who as a matter of fact (especially in india) keeps changing often.

"Runaway Jury" ,takes this farce of justice one step further ,what if the verdict is in fact decided not by the judge or the lawyers but rather than motivated third parties being fueled by special interests.

PLOT : " The Gun manufacturers face a lawsuit against them ,two lawyers of either parties defend their clients but unknowing to them the courtroom proceedings get manipulated by a third person with vested interests "

This is not a faithful adaptation of the novel of the same name but this a thought-provoking film which depicts how the RICH & POWERFUL can 'buy' judges for a price that thwarts the entire purpose of the justice system.

With a powerful cast featuring Gene Hackman ,Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack ,the film certainly stands out.The whole drama rotates mainly between these three characters.All three actors steal the show with Rachel Weisz also being in a pivotal role.

The acting is solid and good ,especially Hoffman and Hackman.You're kept guessing constantly what the next move will be.The movie is about total manipulation of justice ,it takes a deep look at the dirty tactics used behind the scenes.

Dustin Hoffman gives such a convincing performance as the lawyer prosecuting the gun manufacturers while Gene Hackman defends them.The show-down between these two class actors positively blisters with their exceptional acting skills.

John Cusack and Rachel Weiss bring exciting new elements to a plot that never loses speed for a whole two hours.I would definitely recommend this as a crime/courtroom drama/thriller that is heart wrenching and heart racing at the same time.

Runaway Jury focuses behind the scenes of the trial and not just the issue itself.The tremendous amount of time ,energy and money to learn and manipulate the judgement is scary.

A very intense movie that keeps you second guessing each and every move.It's thought-provoking and it's probably closer to the truth that we want to believe.

John Cusack is the key juror who may or may not affect the outcome of the judgement is clever.Shuffling throughout the film ,he will leave you floored at the end of the film as to how things wind up.

Director Gary Fleder serves a well written script that applied good chemistry for suspense.The courtroom scenes are not so theatrical but the fallout of naked greed and vindictive behavior catches the entire cast and immerses them into a vortex that strips integrity away chip by chip as the suspense escalates.

There are those who believe that the proceedings in this film are unrealistic but given the current state of the world ,if anyone doesn't believe that tampering of justice exists and that the law isn't manipulated from time to time ,these people simply aren't living in the real world.

This is one outstanding film that movies briskly ,has outstanding performances ,is cleverly written and is over before you know it.

"Justice is Blind !!!" ,so do you concur with this popular notion ???????

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language.
P.S : " The bathroom scene where Dustin Hoffman confronts Gene Hackman is the first ever dialog in a movie between them.It was added when someone on the crew found out that the two ,though they had been friends for 50 years ,had never starred in a movie together. "


Anonymous said...

hey sathish! nice review..
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pra said...

I have heard so much about this book as well as the movie but somehow did not find time to read the book or watch movie. Now after reading your detailed review i will certainely see this movie as early as possible!!
Congrats to you for the award!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Shilpa

Thanks yaar :)
Ur comments are really encouraging :)

workhard said...

Havent watched the movie.. but thanks for the review...

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Sat_hi_sh said...

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I am really glad my thoughts about the film helps you in a way yaar :)
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Singh Amit said...

it's gr8 review

I love such type of movies...:)

keep writing.. :)


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Shruti said...

Again a clean hit in the bull's eye!
A clean review :)
Btw, am Shruti and not Shruthi

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Shruti

Thanks Shruthi :)
Oops its Shruti na ;)

Babli said...

You have given a very beautiful review of the movie. I will definitely watch it.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

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Darshit said...

fANTASTIC TEMPLATE. But none of the movies I have see from your list :( soon i have to find them ...

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Happybirdie said...

hey!!nice post!I love reading them

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Excellent review mate...Im gonna watch it :)

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Sat_hi_sh said...

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