41. Comedy is not easy

Making people laugh is one of the toughest things to do.Its a natural talent that some people posses which is a gift because its not something that everyone can do.

As a famous irish quote goes like "
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book."

Films based on comedy genre are always lapped up by people when given in an entertaining manner ,these lines hold true to this film
"Date Night".

" A case of mistaken identity leaves a couple on a date to run for their lives. "

Its been quite a looooong while since i had watched a comedy film in theatre so i just thought i might give this film a watch.

What made me choose this film ???
Well its simple ,i loved the trailer & the dialogs in it were enough assurance that i'm choosing a good movie.

Steve Carell is one of the main reasons for me watching this film ,i was very impressed with his previous film Get Smart.He has done more than justice to my opinion ,the entire theatre was in complete splits throughout the film.

Directed & produced by
Shawn Levy of Night at the Museum fame ,Date Night was a great follow up to this director's line up of super hit films.

I dunno whether the script written by
Josh Klausner was a comical one or its just the sheer talent of the director to translate it to a comic caper on-screen.Anyways i'm gonna leave that for you people to decide.

I'm taking no credit away from Tina Fey who was the lead actress here ,she was awesome in her dialog timings too.These two set the screen on fire with their humorous & numerous escapades.

The other casts includes
Mark Wahlberg ,James Franco ,Taraji P. Henson ,Common ,Jimmi Simpson & William Fichtner.

Casting was perfect for the film ,i'm always left pondering when it comes to casting for a successful film.May be its just how life is ,in success everything seems to so perfect.Still i'm all praises for the casting department ,they have just assembled a wonderful cast.

Steve Carell's dialog delivery and his sense of timing was very hilarious ,he's such a natural when it comes to comedy.He along with his partner Tina Fey were one of the best on-screen comical couples i have ever seen.

Dont miss the credits after the movie ,its an added bonus for the audience.

Mark Twain says "The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

And the people who make humans use this effective weapon are such a blessing for us ,an instant laughter transforms people to another world ,thats why its said COMEDY IS NOT EASY.

  • Rating : "A" for some sexual references.
P.S : " Despite the fact that his character's minimal apparel is a running joke throughout the movie ,there is a dedicated wardrobe assistant to Mark Wahlberg listed in the end credits. "


blueapple said...

seems to be interesting:)good post.

HaRy!! said...

ena ya ithu.... download panu da hary!!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ blueapple

Thanks :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ HaRy!!

see it & give ur feedbacks sare :)

Madhu said...

hey..naan inda padam paathen...:) Net la..superaa irukku..Tina fey stole the cake!

Babli said...

I love Steve Carell's acting very much. He is an excellent actor. I will definitely watch this movie. Thanks for the wonderful review.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Madhu

Yeah Tina Fey was a natural :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Steve Carell is a gifted artist ,thanks for ur comments :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Honest opinion, I had high hopes from this movie and Carell, and I was disappointed. Anyonone who has seen his performance in The 40 year old virgin and as you rightly said, Get Smart would be disappointed.

Anyway I don't check my blog feeds so much these days, if you are on facebook send me a request .. that way it is easy to read any particular post I like! :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Sourav

I havent seen 40 year old virgin yet ,anyways opinions differ :)

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