20. Scapegoats.

A scapegoat is a person or a group that is made to bear blame for others.

Here is a list of some famous scapegoats

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald - see the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November ,1963.
  2. Osama bin Laden - see the collapse of the Twin Towers in September ,2001.
  3. Hitler - he is blamed for the 2nd world war and for great casualties ,though it was a matter of conflict between greedy colonial powers ,they were all guilty for it.
Scapegoating is the foundation upon which corrupt Bureaucrats ,Politicians and Religious leaders rule our world.That is why ,whenever there is disorder or unrest ,they sacrifice someone to create an illusion that peace and harmony has been restored.

We should also note that these sacrifices are more so made with vested interests for the welfare of these so called pathetic leaders.

PLOT : "CIA operatives are in pursuit of a dreaded terrorist ,the plot of the movie follows the actions of two CIA operatives who want to nab the terrorist ,the operatives uses all the means at there disposal including scapegoating an innocent man."

Based on the novel by David Ignatius.Body of Lies is a fast-paced action thriller laced with a healthy dose of some of the more dangerous of modern political and military realities.

It has a dense and realistic narrative ,although one that moves along at such a fast pace that you're almost afraid to take your eyes and ears off of it even for a second for fear of missing something.

I respect Ridley Scott as a director ,he is one of the best directors around.The techniques he used in directing this movie are haunting and completely suitable to the whole intended atmosphere. .

Body of Lies is another superbly told story that is entertaining throughout.The dialog scenes are dynamite ,the action sequences are brutal ,realistic and stunning.The direction is swift and gripping ,it never looses your interest.

The plot is impeccably well-written and keeps developing very well throughout.The pacing is flawless ,it moves fast but never overwhelms and manages to occasionally slow down ,yet always maintains enough speed to keep you interested.The characters are well-written and memorable.

Leonardo DiCaprio was in top form and really got into his character with fitting emotions.Also, truly awesome in this flick was Russell Crowe ,whose character was played beautifully.Both do not disappoint.

But there is another actor in this film that i would like to highlight.He is Mark Strong ,his portrayal of the Jordanian" Hani" is mesmerising.

The story-telling is masterful ,no time is wasted whatsoever ,nothing is present that is unnecessary or doesn't serve a purpose. The cinematography and editing are careful and effective.Everything about this movie is perfectly in place ,even the soundtrack which will make you feel the Middle East.

The movie establishes the different points of view on terrorism ,an actual problem the world has nowadays and how certain people in power deal with it.

It's a very engaging action movie with a strong appeal to the more mature viewers.I found the film not only entertaining , but very thoughtful.

Today everywhere in our world ,people are keen to find scapegoats to blame or sacrifice.Corrupt Bureaucrats ,Politicians and Religious leaders are finding scapegoats at will to nurture their greedy ideologies.

So just have a look at all the famous afore mentioned scapegoats to really ask yourself "WHETHER YOU TOO WERE POINTING YOUR FINGER AT A SCAPEGOAT ?"

  • Rating : "PG" for strong violence.
P.S : "Do check out all the links given with the famous scapegoat's list ,they are various conspiracy theories that have been around.Make a conclusion yourself whether these people were SCAPEGOATS or not."


HaRy!! said...

Oh yeah i hav watched this movie...Body of lies quite recently !! wonderful movie indeed....shows the deep minded bureaucrats in America waging war against innocent ppl and the world...all it knows is that they are trying to spread nothing but peace!..agree with yu..scapegoats indeed!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Hary

At last!!!
I have posted a movie that u had seen :)
I agree with you about how innocent ppl are used as scapegoats by both the governments & terrorists...

Babli said...

My friend's Uncle's friend went to Islamabad and got these pictures. Even I was surprised to see such a wonderful architecture.
I heard about Body of Lies that it is a fantastic movie. Yet to watch this movie. You have given a wonderful review and its really nice to read before watching the movie.

Shruti said...

BOdy of Lies!
I saw this recently yaar!
Dicaprio was looking gud ;)

Gud film!
Nice review too!

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Thats a really kewl building in Islamabad...
Thanks for ur wishes yaar ,am sorry for my belated wishes :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Shruthi

Dicaprio is in a class of his own ;)
Thanks for ur compliments pa :)

Shruti said...

Hi sathish...aale kaanom!!
Visit my profile, something is waiting for u!

HaRy!! said...

ena pa puthu padam review kanam?

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Hary

Will update soon sir :)

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