7. The King.

This was the first animation film i ever saw in my childhood and a film experience i will never forget ,"The Lion King" is one of Disney's best animated movies that can entertain anyone young or old.

PLOT :"The journey of a Lion cub who is tricked into thinking he killed his father, a guilt ridden lion cub flees into exile and abandons his identity as the future King"

The Lion King holding a rather special place in my psyche as well as my heart for it was the first animation film I ever saw and every time I watch it ,it is impossible not to like, with it's stunning animation, the well fitting voice cast, amazing music that will never be forgotten, and universal rating

This movie is done in such a manner that makes it flawless as a classic. The animation is a breakthrough of Disney , a well-animated scenery of the African wilderness that looks superbly astonishing , that it's almost looks like the Disney creators shot it there.

The film also has human relevance. You know that the characters are animals, but they're made with so much appeal and effect, that they're almost human.If you've never seen this movie before , watch it , and you'll love it. I defy anyone to dislike this movie - it really is that good.

The plot is very beautiful and it has made me want to read "Hamlet" on which the plot was based!You will find yourself totally engrossed by the narrative as it takes you on a beautiful journey through the African savanna

I love the voices that were picked for all the characters.The actors who star in "The Lion King" sure know how to do their job. They bring the characters to life in a way that seems special as well as real.

Personally I don't think the acting has been anywhere near as perfect as this has in an animated movie. Matthew Broderick as an adult Simba especially. The way he conveys the feelings of anguish and guilt out of his character really hit home.

"The Lion King" is a joy musically too, with Hans Zimmer providing a vibrant African score.The soundtrack is probably one of the biggest reasons I love this film. Hans Zimmer's score fits every scene magnificently. It is what gave that feeling of an epic more than anything else.

People say it's for kids but it can teach adults a valuable lesson about taking their kids to the right path and finding their place in the 'Circle of Life'. I always get that tingly feeling at the end of the movie.

The Lion King is a powerful film and definitely one of the greatest films of all time. It is an intensely human story about real , relevant things such as life , family , power , struggle , friendship and greed , plus an array of fabulous music, comedy and vivid colours. This is a breathtaking event in cinema which sholud not be missed.

This movie has one main message, "Finding your true self, and discovering where your meant to be". It's truly an inspiring movie that can have much of an impact for the viewers.

No matter what your past life experience, if you watch this movie with an open mind, you can find yourself in one of the characters. Surely all of us can find ourselves in Simba at least.It is realized that you must remember who you are, and learn from your past instead of running from it.

Watching it while keeping in mind what can be learned , you find out more about yourself, and the answers to the questions you may be faced with during difficult points in your life.
"The past can hurt but the way I see it , you can either run from it or learn from it."

This was more than just a cartoon it was one of those movies that just leave you speechless at the end.You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll have the time of your life watching The Lion King.

  • Rating : "U"

P.S :Certain elements of the film, however, bear a resemblance to a famous 1960s Japanese animation television show, Kimba the White Lion.


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