8. Neorealistic Cinema !!!

Neorealistic Cinema : a style of filming concerning social issues and often shot on location with untrained actors.

Well i may be going overboard with the clause "untrained actors" bot most of the cast here are newbies portraying the typical native slang.I witnessed a grand spectacle of neorealistic cinema in this film and one such experience unforgettable.

PLOT : "A tale about three friends who stand together at all times portraying their friendship in every form possible , in simple words "NADODIGAL IS A TRIBUTE TO FRIENDSHIP" "

Wow i was just dumbstruck after the movie ,from the beginning till the end of the movie there was never a dull moment engrossing the audience to the movie's pace.A through entertainer with the right mix of action ,romance ,sentiments presented in a neat & hilarious way.

Casting is the movie's strength here ,It is familiar territory for Sasikumar , who revels in a role similar to the one he played in ‘Subramaniyapuram’Lending him support are Bharani and Vijay, who get a good opportunity to showcase their talent. The other actors are aptly cast, and do more than adequate justive to the roles assigned to them.

Enter Sasikumar Kollywood's latest entrant who carries off his role with panache & top-notching performance.Emoting perfectly to all situations ,he is the show stealer here personifying friendship at its best.On keen observation we can surely see one of cinema's inspirational characters.

Ananya who played Sasikumar's girl is a revelation enlighting the screens with her presence portraying a village girl with her lively presence.She's surely a treat to watch.

Few know that Abhinaya, who plays the role of Karunakaran’s sister, was born with a hearing and speaking disability but none can notice it on screen.She was cast after many mainstream heroines turned down the role. Samuthirakani deserves a lot of praise for believing in her and making her emote to perfection.

Director Samuthirakani deserves loads for accolades for etching out such an off-beat theme earning the audience's well-deserved applause in most of the scenes ,the treatment given to the script warrants a second time viewing because of its racy and impressive nature.The essential joy of being together and helping friends in their crisis hour is scripted out appealingly.

The cinematography earns its share capturing the adrenaline-pumping scenes elegantly and presenlty the scenes in a vivid and bright manner.Adding strength to the script is its comical nature even in tough situations ,appeasing the viewers. Bharani and Ganga Karupu gelled well together lighting the screens.

Success of this film is on the script which is treated in a intelligent manner suppressing the entire sentiments package in a clean and crisp flavour.All the other roles especially within the family are very realistic and appearing as it would happen in our own life.

Sundar C Babu’s musical score goes hand in hand with the movie.Special mention must be given to number ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ which lifts the emotions on screen to a greater level.The village numbers by him are foot-tapping and enjoyable.

The emotions are suttle and beautiful creating a perfect ambience for the audience to cherish who did exactly that and enjoyed the movie till the end.Take your friends along and you are sure to enjoy this entertainer.

Samuthirakani-Sasikumar are rocking Tamil with their neorealistic movies. Hats off for their attempts, which should be an eye-opener for many aspiring filmmakers.NADODIGAL shows that performance and powerful stories still remain the winner and the audience is not reduced to just watching any movie from the so-called super stars.

  • Director : Samuthirakani
  • Cast : Sasikumar , Vijay , Bharani , Ananya , Abinaya , Ganga Karupu
  • Rating : "PG"
P.S : Samuthirakani shot to fame through TV serails and he incidentally took charge as director of the serial "SELVI" starring Radhika Sarathkumar after the serial had completed almost 350 episodes.

P.P.S :Blostered by the success ,this movie is gonna be remade in Telugu ,Kannada and Hindi.Dev Patel of "Slumdog Millionaire" is gonna star in the hindi version.


Bharathi said...

i heard interesting reviews on this movie from all quarters. gotta watch it this week.

Sat_hi_sh said...

watch it bharathi and you will never regret it [:)]

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