5. Chinatown

"CLASSIC" is just a mere compliment that can be given to this masterpiece from Roman Polanski , if you think am just blowing out my imaginations ,mind you ,before making any comments watch this film.I love the 80's & 70's films coz they didn't have a mammoth budget or a stunning premiere ,the films just relyed on the essence of the story and script ,CHINATOWN stands a testimony for that.

PLOT :"Los Angeles detective Jake Gittes is hired by Mrs.Mulray to spy on her husband bot trouble starts when the detective finds out that he was duped ,it seems he was hired by an impersonator and not the real Mrs. Mulwray ,determined to find out the impersonator Gittes starts his investigation unraveling a complex set of deceit involving murder, incest and municipal corruption all related to the city's water supply"

"REALITY CINEMA" is what you can expect from this movie ,as we all know "Laws that are passed are only for the "AAM AADMI" ,the difference is that RICH & POWERFUL have the resources to "fix" the incident, whereas those who are poor do not", this film perfectly illustrates that fact.

CHINATOWN is one of the best detective movie i have ever seen ,it brings about the best detective work ever adapted on screen with a simple plot to begin with but thereby revolving more complex & mysterious without ever losing the audiences attention and yet was easy to understand.

The script is so well written, if you miss one little part of the dialogue you could be lost for the rest of the movie and Robert Towne deserved the Oscar hands-down for the script.There are enough twists and turns here to keep the viewer on edge, and warrant multiple viewings. This film is not for those who find it hard to pay attention.

You don't watch "Chinatown" when you're in the mood for a good thriller ,you watch it when you want to see fine film-making.

Jack Nicholson really shines through in his role ,his acting in this film perfectly fits the character with shark smiles, his voice, his tone ,all of it, perfect,he really takes this character and makes him his own.Faye Dunaway succeeds at portraying the fact that her character appears to be hiding something from Gittes in nearly every scene.The film doesn't work without them both being very interesting characters to watch and the characters are well-written and credible.

The lead villain here is John Huston providing a stunning yet a subtle act.Huston is Dunaway's father, RICH & POWERFUL who can just about buy everything and everybody and usually does. But as it turns out he's far more sinister than that, a truly terrifying evil soul.

Chinatown is a classic film that you could watch over and over again and never get tired of it.One of the other things that makes this film great is an unforgettable music score by Jerry Goldsmith.

It's gritty, authentic looking and captures the mood of the story with its Los Angeles backgrounds and detailed attention to '30s styles. Visually, it's a masterpiece & while the story gets a little slow once in awhile in uncovering a convoluted plot involving land rights and water control, it leads to a highly suspenseful ending.

This is a wonderful film and should be required viewing for any film buff. Polansky creates the right amount of confusion, intrigue, and atmosphere to bring the story to life in a way few directors can.

I like how everything here isn't spelled out for you in bold letters. One must pay attention and piece things together for themselves ,which is exactly how a mystery should be.It keeps you on your toes.You never seem to know in which direction the story is going to take you next.

CHINATOWN's ending is famously despairing, acknowledging that ordinary citizens with good intentions stand no chance against a corrupt bureaucracy. It would be a rarity nowadays to have so many great talents collaborating on such a pessimistic story, fortunately, in 1974, the makers of "Chinatown" pooled their efforts and created a tragic, engaging, and outstanding movie.

  • Rating : "PG"

P.S : This masterpiece was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, but only won for Original Screenplay was unluckily released the same year as 'The Godfather Part II' also one of the best films ever to be made, and the Academy opted for the latter. Be it that it was released one year earlier, Chinatown would have won a considerable number of Oscars.


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