31. Fabricated world

Implausible world ,meaning "a world not having the appearance of truth or credibility".

It may be a hard to digest this but this is the world in which we are all living ,everything in our day to day life is getting fabricated.Even a smile to a colleague in office serves a hypocritic purpose ,fabricated cases ,fabricated news ,fabricated truths ,the list goes on.

Some people who get caught in this web are taken for a ride and when the ride ends they are either no more or join the wagon of fabrication.

PLOT : " An innocent cop takes justice in his own hands after a fabricated case against him threatens his life & the life of the people he loves. "

The plot of the movie may sound like a regular run of the mill cop story but what made this film so appreciable are the lead actors who just lifted the scripted to an engaging thriller.

Samuel L.Jackson
& Kevin Spacey are the lead actors am talking about ,both of them had their lion's share of roles in the movie which they had executed flawlessly.

The presence of these actors in certain scenes raised the tension levels & served as the movie's backbone.Both these actors enacted the role of a hostage negotiator with their own working style.

"The Negotiator" directed by F.Gary Gary is a perfect example of excellent acting coupled with crisp direction.The director ratifies the audience with scenes that have a clear message that what happens in the movie is happening in our world today.

Supporting actors too had a major role in the movie ,they sometimes provide the comic relief needed in this intense movie which never fails to deliver when it comes to the thrills & suspense.

What clicks in this film is the treatment of the script ,Kevin Fox & James DeMonaco have provided the director with a script which is racy and at the sametime a taut intelligent thriller.

The beauty of the script lies in how the plot unflods at you in a neat & clear manner ,all the subplots too make sense when the main plot gets revealed ,kudos to the script writers for achieving this.

Samuel L.Jackson's
portrayal of an innocent husband forced to be on the wrong side of the law deserves special mention here ,his roles of a trustworthy friend ,an honest cop are also not to missed out.

Kevin Spacey
rides into the movie into the middle leg and takes over thereby starting a game of cat & mouse between him & Jackson which culminates into a justifiable & clever climax.

The way the movie is put across makes the viewer understand the functioning of our world today ,everything around is & will get fabricated.Either we have to cope in this Implausible world or get perished.

"The Negotiator" plays out the plight of certain people who try to prove their innocence in a way that is less propable to happen but at also reflects the hue & cry faced by innocent people who are framed in this FABRICATED WORLD.

  • Rating : "PG" for violence.
P.S : " The movie was originally written to star Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Spacey. Spacey was supposed to be the hostage-taker and Stallone playing opposite him. When Stallone turned down the part, Spacey decided he wanted the other part and had his original part recast. (Samuel L. Jackson got the role.) "


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