33. Deadly Rivalry

There's always a competition happening amongst people to come one up on the other opponent ,on the positive aspect this creates an healthy competition but what happens on the flip side is the notorious fact thats happening in our world.

In whatever facets of competition ,may it be SPORTS ,POLITICS or CAREER ,there exists a rivalry that derails the ethical concepts of competition & turns out to be an ugly confrontation of EGOS.

The cost of this DEADLY RIVALRY is sometimes LIFE itself !!!!

PLOT : "Two magicians confront each other to be the best in their business ,confrontations that turns deadly."

The one thing that makes this movie so mesmerizing is the way it was put across ,i was completely bowled over by the screenplay.It made me sit up & think "Can i also deliver a script like this ??".

Christopher Nolan ,well-known for his blockbuster movies like "THE DARK KNIGHT" is the man behind the film ,this director makes me very jealous for the fact that his movies are not only captivating but at the sametime intelligent.

His brother & fellow Writer Jonathan Nolan deserves equal accolades ,these two people are the brains behind this magnificient film that takes the audience into a world of illusion ,magic along with its deadly secrets.

"The Prestige" with its star-studded cast line is nothing short of a CLASSIC ,all the lead & supporting actors had very well drawn up characters.Every cast were in roles that seemed liked tailor made for them.

Christian Bale ,the man storming the US box office with his recent spree of BIG TICKET movies ,is at his best playing the enigmatic magician shrowded in mystery throughout the film.With a mature & realistic performance he is surely one of the show stealers.

The other show stealer being Hugh Jackman ,well-known as "Wolverine" of X-MEN ,plays the other protagonist magician ,the battle between the two lead actors serves as the crux of the film ,right from the start till the very end.

The other supporting actors namely Michael Caine ,Scarlett Johansson & Rebecca Hall serve their roles to perfection.

The magic tricks that happen in the film makes you contemplate what happens behind the screen when a magician performs his so called tricks ,everything we see here is an illusion that is being enacted by the greatest actors who call themselves as "MAGICIANS".

Some tricks are even very hard to digest.

The character development in the film is one of the very best ,the scenes leading upto how the magicians turn deadly is very believable & at the sametime sorrowful.

The film clearly illusrates the fact as to how a competition could turn the best thinkers into commiting various crimes that they repent with their life ,never could have this clause be so beautifully protrayed.

Competitions are an integral part of every person's life ,man competes with himself ,nature & science to prove his capabilities but MAN must also acknowledge the fact that when he competes then there is only a thin line that separates a Healthy competition into becoming a DEADLY RIVALRY.

  • Rating : "PG" for violence & disturbing scenes.
P.S : " Sam Mendes had shown interest in adapting Christopher Priest's novel for the big-screen, but Priest insisted that Christopher Nolan direct the film, based on his love for both Following (1998) and Memento (2000). "


Madhu said...

Hey this was well written..i loved dark Knight.ill check this out too!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Madhu

Expecting ur feedback :)

Babli said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful review. I came to know about this movie through your post and shall watch it out soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a review ...
Planning to watch it ...

Bikram Singh Bathh said...

A brilliant review to this brilliant film... I saw it last year and still have fresh memories of it... Loved the performances, direction and the captivating screenplay... I really wish from the bottom of my heart that this film gets made for the Indian audiences...

And True!! It makes me jealous of Christopher Nolan too, he makes intelligent Classics with a dose of Blockbusters too... But this jealousy is more positive, inspiring,,, :D

Keep Blogging!!

C. M. Dobson said...

Nice blog. Very well written. I like it! Check mine out when you get time.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

keep visiting more movies yaar :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ √ノフムリ

No problem yaar ,have fun watching it :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Bikram Singh Bathh

Thanks for ur compliments yaar ,lets hope that they wont add indian masala to this film if it gets remade here :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ C. M. Dobson

Will surely checkout ur blog soon :)

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