30. Slaves to Free people.

Slaves have existed right from the day when man stopped to hunt & started to think ,thinking which led to the term SLAVE.

We are all aware of the morals of life but still many country's leaders feign for the call to end Slavery ,Slavery was officially abolished in many parts of the world but taking a look around we are also just feigning.

Sometimes the tide of the world changes in which

" The true story of how slaves of 19the century AMERICA led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw turned around the tide of the American Civil War & in the process earned their rightful freedom. "

This real life incident demonstrates how African-American people who were sidelined in the NEW WORLD of AMERICA stood up to claim their freedom during the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.

I just happened to come across
Director Edward Zwick's name after watching the film Defiance ,he is a director who comes off good with his films that mostly are related to WAR genre.

The director begins by depicting the backdrop of AMERICAN CIVIL WAR continuing with the plight of AFRICAN-AMERICAN people in 19th century AMERICA with an urge to fight & earn their rightful freedom.

Casting was of top notch in the film with Denzel Washington ,Morgan Freeman & Matthew Broderick using up their meaty roles to perfection.Whatever the scene requires the actors have emoted themselves in a lively & at the same time in a subtle manner.

Matthew Broderick as Robert Gould Shaw excels in his portrayal of the commanding officer who stands by his men at all times & leading them from the front.His frequent misunderstandings with his men & that of his fellow senior officers are very clearly shot.

James Roy Horner has orchestrated a wonderful score for the film that takes the movie viewing level to a whole new experience ,the subtle emotions between the characters are also well captured.

Screenplay by Kevin Jarre is the backbone of the film ,whatever the scenes that had appeared had some meaning to it & some scenes were so uplifting & at the sametime inspiring.

Dialogues too had a major role here ,the near clear messages in each dialogue that were needed to inspire ,some nostalgic feelings & a sense of hope that they would also be free one day were etched out aptly.

The penultimate scenes were some the best scenes i had ever seen in a war film ,if you hadn't seen the movie then you would have definitely missed out one of cinema's most uplifting moments.

In everyday life there are certain sets of people who are grouped in a category to be used up accordingly ,but there comes a time when these people stand up together to confront situations which people who call themselves SUPERIOR RACE cannot confront.

GLORY is one such film of that genre which portrays the turning point of the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ,If had to pick out one of Director Edward Zwick's best works then this film would be my pick.

  • Rating : "PG" for intense battle scenes.
P.S : " Matthew Broderick is believed to be a distant relative of Robert Gould Shaw, the character he plays. "


Babli said...

Thanks for giving wonderful review of Glory movie. I will definitely watch this movie as I like Morgan Freeman's acting very much.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Watch it & give ur feedback :)

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