64. Choosing Sides

We live in a world where its easier to convince people with FALSE propaganda then explaining the complicated TRUTH.

In such state of affairs, TRUTH & JUSTICE are the first casualties, the second casualties are the PEOPLE who get persecuted for CHOOSING the WRONG SIDE i.e: the LOOSING SIDE.

PLOT : " The story of Mary Surratt, the only female conspirator charged in the Abraham Lincoln Assassination."

The Conspirator, the main crux of the movie may be the the trial of Mary Surratt but the Characters & Subplots showcases much more, it portrays a Nation & its People as the American Civil War was drawing to a close, the assassination of a President who brought an entire Nation together & the aftermath of the WAR.

I have seen Robert Redford's prowess as a superb actor but this was the first film I had watched with HIM helming the Director's hat and I am so impressed. The way the film presented itself was so simple, neat & engaging. Am looking forward to watch HIS other movies as a Director.

Robin Wright as Mary Surratt was amazing, HER body language, expressions & the subtle way in which SHE carried HERSELF as a MOM caring for HER SON & at the same time protesting HER innocence.

Defending HER in the courtroom is James McAvoy, an highly Talented & Versatile actor. He plays the role of Frederick Aiken, a war hero who reluctantly agrees to defend Surratt before a military tribunal.

The consequences HE faces in defending HER is very well brought out by Writers, the scenes where HE is tormented by HIS actions & HIS dilemmas are so very well brought out.

Justion Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Kline played out their parts well.

Art & Costumes Department have done a very credible job, the sets of 19th century America is so well done & well detailed.

Newton Thomas Sigel is the cinematographer, the sights & moods of the movie are so vividly captured, the lighting especially was very pleasing.

Editing was handled by Craig McKay, the various inter-cuts are well placed and handled, the flow of the film was very smooth & the dramas so moving.

The film handles the part of Right Vs Wrong so effectively, we get to see both sides of the argument. Everyone's Right in their own point of view but at the end it does not matter because only the Winners win & they re-write HISTORY.

And for the LOSERS ???

Well, they face the consequences for ending up on the LOOSING SIDE.

They will be branded with names, isolated from society & become targets for hatred. 

  • Rating : "PG" for some Violent Content.

P.S :  " Frederick Aiken law practice dissolved likely as a result of the backlash of the trial.  "


Sh@s said...

Sounds interesting. Will watch it.
Its nice to see you back on this space. I missed your movie reviews.

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