63. Show Me The MONEY !!

I am kicking myself for not seeing this wonderful movie till now, but hey, its never too late for watching a really feel good movie that makes us take an introspective look upon ourselves

Introspection is always a difficult task, well when we look back at life, We always get these questions." Am i satisfied with where I am right now ? Am I on the right track in regards with my career ? Am I really myself ??? "

Only a handful ever find the answers to the aforementioned questions and when they do find them, they are never the same person as they were.

PLOT : " Jerry Maguire, is fired for expressing himself, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent with the only athlete who stays with him."

Relating to a movie happens so very often that we more often than not replace our self with the characters in a film, that doesn't mean that the character we are rooting for is perfect. It is just that 9/10 times the character [HE/SHE] is committing the same mistakes like we did.

"Jerry Maguire", directed by Cameron Crowe, is an emotional roller coaster ride that keeps you engaged throughout with all the drama in a more comical manner which tends to keep the film light and witty.

The film is very well directed and executed, kudos to the director who also is the writer. Writer/Director's are such a rarity these days but when they arrive, their movies seem to be much better as a whole.

Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire was at his best, I only wish if he could do another movie like this one. He packs such a powerful performance as a sporting agent who eventually realizes that LOVE & FRIENDSHIP has its own terms & conditions.

Cuba Gooding, Jr won the oscar for Best Supporting actor for his role as an athlete was is at the crossroads in his career. Renée Zellweger also was a great cast in the role of a single mother searching for love.

The director has handled his team really efficiently, cinematography is by Janusz Kaminski ( Who by the way is a regular in Steven Spielberg's films ), editing by Joe Hutshing is also crisp & to the point.

The film was eventually nominated for 5 oscars, bearing testament to the film's quality & content.

Screenplay was so very well written, whatever the situation, be it drama, romance, comedy, all of them were very well etched and captured. The scene where Tom Cruise shouts over the phone is one of the most memorable parts.

This movie works pretty damn well and is so relatable to people who have just had the first hand experience of Life & for those who till now have found Politics to be a dirty word but now they feel it everywhere.

  • Rating : "PG" for strong language & sexual content.

P.S : Sports agent Leigh Steinberg was the inspiration for the movie, he also served as Technical Consultant on the crew.


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