49. Assassinations

We are very familiar with the word "ASSASSINS" as many historical & legendary figures were killed by them but more often we overlook certain facts & events that lead up to an assassination.

Like everyone knows
Nathuram Godse assassinated Gandhi yet not many know the motives behind this assassination ,is Godse a terrorist or religious fanatic or an assassin ???

For me ,
Godse was the single most important person who cleansed India of the virus named Gandhi ,If you call Godse a murderer then what do you call Gandhi who single handedly was responsible for the massacre of lakhs of Hindus & Muslims due to the Partition of India.

If you still support
Gandhi's views then read this here & Godse's speech here.

" The film chronicles the events plotted by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler and to use the Operation Valkyrie national emergency plan to take control of the country."

I was initially hesitant to watch the film because of my preconceived notion that this film would be a drama & i was in no mood to watch a drama film that day but all of that notion vanished when i watched the trailer.

I was so crossed with myself once the movie got over.Damn !! How did i miss this film in the theatres ,the pace of the film was so very gripping that we are never made to loose focus at any point in the film.

Directed by
Bryan Singer of "X-Men" fame ,the film transports the viewer to 1944 Germany in an authentic way ,the properties ,the gadgets & the planes all gave & enhanced the 1940s feel to the film.

Even though the film was based on actual events its upto the writers to present it in an appealing way & writers Christopher McQuarrie & Nathan Alexander have provided the director with the right kind of script that has the essential dosage of drama ,action & thrills.

The script is the major player here ,i still cant think of a single scene that affected the flow of the film.The actors gelled with the script enabling the viewers to feel the emotional moments that they go through.

Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg has given a stellar performance which serves as the crux of the film ,even his uncanny resemblance to the real Stauffenberg was an added plus.

The rest of the cast includes
Kenneth Branagh ,Bill Nighy ,Carice van Houten ,Eddie Izzard ,Terence Stamp ,Tom Wilkinson & Thomas Kretschmann who were all splendid in the roles they enacted.

I have missed out many characters here but full credits to all the cast who have brought out a thrilling movie ,the film still holds its sway on the audience in spite of these many characters .

All the credits go to the director & writers for achieving this distinction ,all in all the movie serves as a testimony to the valiant efforts of the German army officers who risked the lives of themselves & their family.

Assassinations most times change the course of human history but whether the change is for the good or bad depends upon the time of the assassination ,sometimes these assassinations happen a tad late that change the face of a world or country.

But the moral side of the assassinations are never heard or covered up by the respective governments ,as
Nathuram Godse said on his final speech on court "My confidence about the moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism levelled against it on all sides. I have no doubt that honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the true value thereof some day in future."

  • Rating : "PG" for some scenes of violence.
P.S : " Germany has strict laws against displaying the swastika, though artistic displays are specifically exempt. Filmmakers usually use incorrect swastikas to avoid causing public outrage. The producer wanted swastikas for authenticity, so the crew posted warnings around the filming locations. Still, a local resident filed an official complaint with the city, who pressed charges against the owners of some filming sites. "


Sourav C. Pandey said...

Liked your take on Gandhi and Godse, I completely support your views. As far as the movie goes, your review did complete justice to this brilliant master-piece directed by Bryan Singer. I liked Bill's role more then anyone's in this movie.

Rajlakshmi said...

swastika has created a lot of furor before... even though its a sign of good luck for indians...
have heard abt the movie ... but then history never interested me :D

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Sourav

You concur with my views :)
Thought people wont agree with me on Godse...

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Rajlakshmi

Not interested in history ??
Hmmm ...

Babli said...

After reading the whole review it seems to be a good movie. Though I have heard about the movie but I felt more interested after reading your review.

HaRy!! said...

pazhaya movie thane? but then yest... sure i support yur views ....sourav sona mathiri bill role ! :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Its a good movie yaar ,u wont be disappointed watching it :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ HaRy!!

It was released just 2 years ago sare :)

Madhu said...

wow...i have so many movies to watch..am getting lazy! GRR!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Madhu

Start watchin soon :)

Babli said...

,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
\__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Independence day wishes to you too :)

chitz said...

your perspective on the gandhi-godse fact is so very true..:)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ chitz

glad u agree ,hope someday GODSE gets his due credit in our history :)

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