WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION : Does this phrase ring a bell ???

OH !! Of course it must ,this was the very agenda used by the U.S political heavyweights to invade IRAQ ,Have they ever succeeded in finding such weapons ????

Obviously the answer is a BIGGGGGGG "NO" ,everyone in the right senses knew from the onset of the IRAQ WAR that there would never be any such weapons there ,then why did they ever invade that nation ???

I feel very SORRY for all the poor souls who believed that the U.S politicians were invading IRAQ to get rid of SADDAM HUSSEIN & help the people ,its OIL my dear poor souls ,its the one & only reason why IRAQ was invaded.

PLOT: " An American chemical weapons officer decides to discover as to whats really happening in IRAQ after he finds out that there no chemical weapons there. "

If you ever wanna see a film that would enlighten you about the facts on the Invasion of IRAQ then look no further ,this film delivers all the knockout punches to the U.S administration's role in this so-called WAR.

"GREEN ZONE" directed by Paul Greengrass of Bourne Ultimatum fame is an edge of the seat action thriller from the start & sustains its momentum till the end.

I was very impressed by this film's trailer that i was waiting for the film's release for a looong time & my patience was well worth because the film effectively brought out the harsh ground realities in IRAQ.

Being a film revolving around the military & political circles of the U.S ,its ambience was one of the best i had ever seen.A perfect sync i should say ,the attitude & body language of the cast to fitted perfectly.

The casting was a major assest to the film ,all of them contributed.Credit must be given to the director for extracting the cast's potential.

Matt Damon was impeccable in his role ,he has lived up to the expectations i had on him.Carrying out his role with ease ,he fitted the fill role completely.

Adapted from the book by Rajiv Chandrasekaran ,the screenplay was very racy & at the sametime did not loose out on the issue in hand ,the writers too had done their part well.

Thanks to the use of hand held cameras the action taking place in the film was very real ,i felt like sitting in the middle of a battlefield ,we can actually feel the tension & adrenaline that would happen within a soldier.

The various facets of the U.S administartion were clearly portaryed here ,with each & every department having ugly secrets of their own ,its the soldiers who pay the ultimate price.

The issue of anguish & hardship that the soldiers face in IRAQ while the bureaucrats enjoy the luxuries inside their hotels will were very disturbing for the families of soldiers who had lost their loved ones there.

There are lots of countries in the world where people face untold sufferings but for the people of IRAQ their sufferings were heard by the U.S administration because the people of IRAQ had what they wanted ,its "OIL".

SO is "OIL" really the weapon of mass-destruction that U.S politicians were talking about ???????

  • Rating : "PG" for some war violence.
P.S: "Many of the soldiers in film were actual Iraq War and Afghanistan War veterans, not actors. "


HaRy!! said...

bro... just saw it last week! awesome!! well yes the handheld cameras did serve its purpose! did yu see hurtlocker!?

Babli said...

I have heard about this movie "Green Zone' and after reading your wonderful and excellent review I will definitely watch it soon. Thanks.

Madhu said...

Ill watch this..:) I love mAtt damon!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ HaRy!!

Yeah ,saw Hurt Locker pa...

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Thanks for the compliments :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Madhu

Likewise ,Matt's superb in the film...

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

This seems like a good movie. One of the big mistakes if US was the Iraq war!!!!

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Chandrika Shubham said...

I will watch this movie. Excellent review. :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Mitr

I concur ,prorbably US is still not realizing its mistake...

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Chandrika

Thanks for dropping by :)

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