22. Michael still lives :)

I must begin by saying that the world has lost one of the greatest artists of a life time.Michael Jackson is not only a dancer or a singer.He is an absolute genius.

MJ is more than GOD.His death was mourned by more than half of the world ,MJ has achieved this feat.Not even GOD of any religion would have been worshipped by so many people in the world.

It's unfortunate that so many took advantage of him.It's unfortunate that "Others" will profit from this movie.As much as I wanted to see this ,and am glad I did ,it sickens me that those who pushed him and were only looking out for themselves will gain monetarily from this.But I just wanted to see him in action one last time.

This was going to be an AMAZING show ,and those who had tickets would probably have seen the best show ever.A man of 50 ,and on medications could still move and sing.He may not have had the range he had at 20 or 30 ,but WOW, to see him still in action and wanting to give so much ,I was blown away.

MJ was not a pushover.He was a professional and a perfectionist.He knew how to entertain a crowd and what he wanted them to see.His dance moves were as exciting as it had been at his peak during the '80s and '90s.

Clean and real without any exaggeration and hype ,Director Kenny Ortega showcases Michael Jackson in his creativity spirit.He was involved in every aspect of the rehearsal and it was going to be awesome.MJ goes through most of his number one hits adding the right amount of embellishments.

This concert was going to be like no other before it ,from 3D scenes ,to life-like mechanical properties ,this would have been something else.I really enjoyed seeing this creative genius at work.The amount of planning that was going into this was unbelievable. So many talented individuals on and off stage.

Any Michael Jackson fan would enjoy this film without a doubt.The High Definition footage used looks real sharp and the music is top notch.

When the 50 shows at London's O2 were announced ,I immediately doubted whether MJ had the ability to dance and sing as he had.However ,for the most part of the film ,his stamina is greater than the dancers who are half his age.The dancers were so in awe and you could see the respect and love they exhibited.

This concert would have been the best ever put on.The effects ,the pieces with the green screen even in its imperfect form ,it was still dazzling.I can only imagine what it all would have looked like in one solid run through as opposed to stringing bits of rehearsal together to get a full song.

It's a very emotional movie.You got to go see it!It really shows professionalism and creative genius of Michael and how much he cared about his music ,his fans and the world.

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer this World has ever witnessed.But while watching 'This Is It' ,you start to feel that he's back.

I definitely recommend this movie for all Michael Jackson fans ,and maybe even to those who didn't understand what the hype was all about.The man was pure genius and was always ,always looking for ways to improve.You'll see that in "This is It".

Whatever anyone thinks about MJ ,one thing is for sure.This man was simply the greatest entertainer of the 20th century and up to June 25th of 2009.And this film makes that fact quite clear.

At the end of the movie i was kept pondering within myself ,Michael why did you die?.I guess thats a feeling all Michael fans will get.

You will realize how phenomenal he is as a performer.What an outstanding dancer he is at this age?.If i keep on writing i won't stop.

MJ fans - don't dream of missing this...

Michael Jackson ,we Thank you for all you have done for us "Fans".I didn't leave the theater with a tear in my eye but a happiness in my face and a belief that Michael still lives!

  • Rating : "U".
P.S : "The footage in this film was originally intended for the private library of Michael Jackson.It was also to be used to help the concert's creative team analyze ,review and alter aspects of the show before completion."


Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Wow!! Mj was definitely a legend. I couldn't see it. i had exams :(. Heal the world was the first english song I ever listened too in school days.. I still remember every lyrics of it. Beautiful voice and style.

He has brought peace to the world with his music

Babli said...

I have seen Michael Jackson's movie "This is it" on last Sunday. MJ was definitely a legend and nobody can take his place. Its really a very big tragedy as he is no more but his songs will always remain in our heart. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson and I have started listening his songs from my school days. It was a shocking and heart braking news of MJ's demise. When I was watching this movie,my eyes were full of tears and I was thinking that we are all going to miss such a brilliant performer who was a King of Pop.

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Rajalakshmi

i concur with u pa
MJ is truly a LEGEND who will live on forever & ever....

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Babli

Its very tragic that the concert never took place :(
We can only imagine how extraordinary the entire show would have been.....

HaRy!! said...

Truly a legend..."This is it" was awesome and quite a tribute indeed!!sad his concert never came out!

Sat_hi_sh said...

@ Hary

But the LEGEND will live on forever :)

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